Contributor Elizabeth Lancaster
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Other Names Liz
Gender Female
Functions Actor



Barry Ferrier - Musician, Actor, Composer

Fred Simms - Director

Doug Anderson - Designer

Keith Bain - Choreographer

John Bell - Director

Gregg Bepper - Actor

John Blankenship - Lighting Designer

Maggie Blinco - Actor

Pnina Bloch - Actor

Don Bridges - Actor

David Calcott - Actor

Peter Casey - Sound Designer, Musical Director

Don Chapman - Actor

Rona Coleman - Actor

Bill Conn - Actor

Peter Corbett - Actor

Margaret Davis - Choreographer

Robert Davis - Actor

Maggie Dence - Actor

Mervyn Drake - Composer, Actor

Maggie Duggan - Actor

Rod Dunbar - Actor

Larry Eastwood - Set Designer

Lynne Emanuel - Actor

Jon Fabian - Lighting Designer

Victoria Feitscher - Costume Designer

Judy Ferris - Producer

Drew Forsythe - Actor

Camille Gardner - Actor

Susan Goff - Lighting Operator, Assistant Director, Stage Manager

Tim Gooding - Playwright

Peter Grace - Stage Manager

John Guare - Playwright

Fiona Hallett - Actor

Sandy Harbutt - Actor

Julie Herbert - Actor

Robert Hewett - Actor

George Hutchinson - Playwright

Cameron Johnson - Actor

Malcolm Keith - Actor

Bruce Keller - Actor

Christine Koltai - Choreographer

Hilary Larkum - Actor

Robert Levis - Actor

Christopher Lewis - Actor

Linda McLaughlin - Designer

David McQuire - Lighting Designer, Sound Designer

John McTernan - Actor

Jean-Pierre Mignon - Director

Roger Miller - Stage Manager

Nina Moulton - Designer

Roger Moulton - Director

Ian Nichols - Actor

Brian Nickless - Designer

Bill Pearson - Actor

Julia Peters - Actor

Lenore Plummer - Actor

David Price - Actor

David Read - Lighting Designer

Don Reid - Director

William Shakespeare - Playwright

Tony Sheldon - Actor

Guy Simpson - Musician

James C Steele - Actor

Henri Szeps - Actor

Frances Tyrie - Sound Designer, Sound Operator/Engineer

Anna Volska - Actor

Kurt Vonnegut - Playwright

Craig Walker - Actor

Ed Washer - Actor

Brian Way - Playwright

Margie Wright - Stage Manager

Australia Council for the Arts

Ensemble Theatre Pty Ltd

Australian Performing Group

New South Wales Government

New Theatre (Sydney, N.S.W.)

Nimrod Theatre Company

The Arts Council of Australia (New South Wales Division)

The Kicking Roo Company

Theatre Board of the Australia Council

Williamson Gerard A'sia Pty Limited

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