Contributor John Cockerill
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Gender Male
Functions Tenor

Assistant Stage Manager


Actor and Singer


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Composer

Joseph Post - Musical Director, Conductor

Jean Brunning - Actor and Singer, Actor

Gregory Dempsey - Actor and Singer, Actor

Janice Goldman - Actor and Singer, Actor, Chorus

Norman Hodgkinson - Actor and Singer, Actor, Chorus

Joan Levecke - Actor, Actor and Singer

Joy Mammen - Actor, Chorus, Actor and Singer

Noel McCabe - Actor, Chorus, Actor and Singer

Philip Shalvey - Actor and Singer, Actor

Neil Warren-Smith - Actor, Actor and Singer

Elizabeth West - Actor, Chorus, Actor and Singer

Stanley Clarkson - Actor, Actor and Singer, Singer

Mary Poxon - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Janne Ross - Actor, Actor and Singer

Wilma Whitney - Actor and Singer, Actor

Max Worthley - Actor and Singer, Actor

Eric Clapham - Associate Conductor, Conductor, Assistant Conductor

Stefan Haag - Adaptor, Director

Angus Kidston - Assistant Stage Manager

Raymond McDonald - Actor, Actor and Singer

Joyce Simmons - Actor, Actor and Singer

Denis Arundell - Director, Producer

Valda Bagnall - Actor, Actor and Singer

Geoffrey Chard - Actor, Actor and Singer

Marjorie Conley - Actor and Singer, Actor

Jenifer Eddy - Actor and Singer, Actor

Ernest Leitch - Electrician

Nita Maugham - Actor and Singer, Actor

Keith Neilson - Actor, Actor and Singer

Kenneth Rowell - Designer

Will Thompson - Stage Manager

John Cameron - Actor, Actor and Singer

Desmonde Downing - Designer

George Humphrey - Assistant Conductor

Eunice McGowan - Actor, Actor and Singer

Ron Patten - Publicist

Betty Prentice - Actor, Actor and Singer

John Shaw - Actor, Actor and Singer

Rosemary Butler - Actor and Singer, Chorus

Lorenzo Da Ponte - Librettist, Actor and Singer

Peggy Fearn - Actor

Colleen Gough - Stage Manager

Ereach Riley - Actor and Singer, Actor

John Rohde - Administrator

Eddy Soncum - Actor

John Ashurst - Chorus

John Auld - Choreographer

Roy Baldwin - Actor

Elspeth Ballantyne - Actor

Natalie Bate - Actor

Patricia Beatty - Chorus

Bettina Benfield - Actor and Singer

Betty Benfield - Actor

Gill Bishop - Actor and Singer

Sam Bor - Orchestral Leader

Denise Brooks - Flautist

Robert Buchanan - Actor

Sally Cahill - Actor

Norman Carbuhn - Actor

Simon Chilvers - Actor

Alan Clark - Actor

Robertson Collins - Actor and Singer

Ian Craig - Actor

Peter Curtin - Actor

Edward Dent - Translator

Ross Dovey - Percussionist

Gary Down - Actor

David Downer - Actor

Peter Drake - Chorus

Peter Dunn - Actor

Gregory Elmaloglou - Actor and Singer

Waverney Ford - Actor

John Foster - Actor and Singer

Kristian Fredrikson - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Brian Gareh - Lighting Operator

Robert Gavin - Conductor

Helen Gifford - Composer

Noel Gipps - Actor

Ron Gouty - Actor

Isabel Grant - Actor

Julie Hamilton - Actor

Jonathan Hardy - Actor

Helen Hassell - Oboist

Anthony Hawkins - Actor

Edward Hepple - Actor

Robert Hewett - Actor

Barry Hill - Actor

John Hoskin - Actor

George Humphries - Assistant Conductor

  • Don Giovanni, Elizabethan Theatre, Newtown, NSW, 12 January 1957

Arthur Hynes - Stage Manager

Hew Jones - Harpist

Bertha Jorgensen - Orchestral Leader

Louis Kahan - Costume Designer

Leon La Gruta - Violinist

Eileen Landis - Actor

Fred Lang - Actor

Joyce Lang - Actor

Anthony Lawrence - Chorus

Jamieson Lewis - Lighting Designer

Florence Lynch - Actor

Paul Mackay - Assistant Stage Manager

Jean MacKenzie - Actor

Tarnus Matuikas - Actor and Singer

Ruby McBean - Actor

Harold Mcdonald - Musician

Kevin Miller - Actor

Shirley Moss - Chorus

John Murphy - Actor

Albert Oates - Chorus

Stephen Oldfield - Actor

Christine Palmer - Actor

Marie Phillips - Actor

Robin Ramsay - Actor

David Ravenswood - Actor

Dorothy Ray - Actor

Darrell Reed - Chorus

Ben Riley - Actor

Trevor Rodger - Chorus

Peter Roehlen - Production Manager

Janine Ross - Actor and Singer

Emanuel Schikaneder - Librettist

Ray Sedgwick - Actor

William Shakespeare - Playwright

John Shand - Actor and Singer

Emanuel Shikaneder - Librettist

Ralph Small - Actor

John Sumner - Director

Fred Tarrant - Chorus

Elston Thomas - Actor

Roger Tintley - Actor

Nita Wallace - Chorus

Tim Walton - Set Designer

Stan Weeks - Actor

John White - Actor

Madeleine White - Violist

Mervyn Williams - Actor and Singer

Rae Williams - Actor

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

South Australian Symphony Orchestra

The Elizabethan Trust Opera Company

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Australia Council for the Arts

Melbourne Theatre Company

The National Theatre Movement of Australia

The University of Melbourne

The Victorian Ministry for the Arts

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