Contributor Eunice McGowan
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Gender Female
Functions Actor, Singer

Actor and Singer


Jean Brunning - Actor, Actor and Singer

Geoffrey Chard - Actor, Actor and Singer

Stanley Clarkson - Actor, Actor and Singer

John Cockerill - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Marjorie Conley - Actor and Singer, Actor

Gregory Dempsey - Actor and Singer, Actor

Desmonde Downing - Designer

Jenifer Eddy - Actor and Singer, Actor

Janice Goldman - Actor, Chorus

Stefan Haag - Director, Adaptor

Norman Hodgkinson - Actor, Chorus

Joan Levecke - Actor and Singer, Actor

Joy Mammen - Actor, Chorus

Noel McCabe - Actor, Chorus

Raymond McDonald - Actor, Actor and Singer

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Composer

Joseph Post - Musical Director, Conductor

Betty Prentice - Actor and Singer, Actor

Janne Ross - Actor, Actor and Singer

Philip Shalvey - Actor, Actor and Singer

Joyce Simmons - Actor, Actor and Singer

Neil Warren-Smith - Actor and Singer, Actor

Elizabeth West - Actor, Chorus

Wilma Whitney - Actor and Singer, Actor

Max Worthley - Actor and Singer, Actor

Hazel Alger - Chorus

Jean Bartlett - Actor and Singer

Lyall Beven - Actor and Singer

Mavis Brinckman - Actor and Singer

Jill Cook - Designer

Franco Cortese - Chorus

Peter Dalwood - Chorus

Marion Davidson - Actor and Singer

Barry Davies - Actor and Singer

Joan Dempster - Chorus

Gwyneth Dixon - Musical Director

Fiona Dobson - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Geoff Dobson - Actor and Singer

Joy Dobson - Chorus

Nell Dobson - Actor and Singer

Christopher Eden - Actor and Singer

Robin Elliott - Chorus

Jon Finlayson - Director

Kent Furmage - Repetiteur

Neville Gaffney - Actor and Singer

Joyce Gilbert - Chorus

Pauline Gilman - Chorus

Edward Granville - Stage Manager

David Greenwood - Chorus

Nan Hey - Chorus

Dorothy Issell - Chorus

Sonia Johnson - Chorus

Judith Ker - Dancer, Choreographer

Angus Kidston - Assistant Stage Manager

Jenny Little - Dancer

Tonino Longo - Chorus

Lynn Luttrell - Chorus

Tony Murrell - Chorus

Elaine O'Neill - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Reg O'Neill - Chorus

Jacques Offenbach - Composer

Phil Park - Book and Lyrics

Sue Peate - Chorus

John Phelps - Actor and Singer

Mary Poxon - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Helen Quinn - Dancer

David Ravenswood - Actor and Singer

Ken Short - Actor and Singer

Sheila Spargo - Chorus

Charles Spiegel - Chorus

Trenna Squires - Chorus

David Stanway - Chorus

Christina Steshic - Chorister

Helen Stuart - Chorus

Vera Turner - Chorus

Paul Willing - Actor and Singer

John Ashurst - Chorus

Patricia Beatty - Chorus

Robert Buchanan - Actor

Rosemary Butler - Chorus

Norman Carbuhn - Actor

Eric Clapham - Associate Conductor

Alan Clark - Actor

Ian Craig - Actor

Peter Drake - Chorus

Noel Gipps - Actor

Colleen Gough - Stage Manager

Ron Gouty - Actor

Isabel Grant - Actor

John Hoskin - Actor

George Humphrey - Assistant Conductor

Bertha Jorgensen - Orchestral Leader

Eileen Landis - Actor

Fred Lang - Actor

Joyce Lang - Actor

Anthony Lawrence - Chorus

Ernest Leitch - Electrician

Florence Lynch - Actor

Jean MacKenzie - Actor

Ruby McBean - Actor

Shirley Moss - Chorus

Albert Oates - Chorus

Christine Palmer - Actor

Marie Phillips - Actor

Dorothy Ray - Actor

Darrell Reed - Chorus

Ben Riley - Actor

Trevor Rodger - Chorus

Emanuel Schikaneder - Librettist

Ray Sedgwick - Actor

Emanuel Shikaneder - Librettist

Ralph Small - Actor

Fred Tarrant - Chorus

Elston Thomas - Actor

Will Thompson - Stage Manager

Roger Tintley - Actor

Nita Wallace - Chorus

Stan Weeks - Actor

John White - Actor

Rae Williams - Actor

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

The National Theatre and Fine Arts Society

The Theatre Royal Light Opera Company

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited

South Australian Symphony Orchestra

The Elizabethan Trust Opera Company

The National Theatre Movement of Australia

Identifier 483563