Contributor Peter Gormly
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Gender Male
Functions Assistant Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager


Roy Baldwin - Actor

Alan Bennett - Playwright

Carl Bleazby - Actor

Leslie Bowden - Lighting Designer

Liz Burch - Actor

Phyllis Burford - Actor

Chris Connelly - Actor

Ellen Freeman - Assistant Stage Manager

Chris Gaffney - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Diana Greentree - Actor

Irene Hewitt - Actor

Frank Keane - Tour Manager

Don Mackay - Director

Pat McDonald - Actor

John Murphy - Actor

Michael Pearce - Designer

Penny Roberts - Stage Manager

Graham Rouse - Actor

John Saltzer - Electrician

Hardy Stow - Actor

Frank Thornton - Actor

Paul Trahair - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

John Bell - Director

Jennifer Hagan - Actor

Julie Hamilton - Actor

Peter Holderness - Lighting Designer

Tony Ingersent - Actor

Deborah Kennedy - Actor

Pauline Lee - Stage Manager

Carol Raye - Actor

Ian Robinson - Designer

Henri Szeps - Actor

David Williamson - Playwright

Frank Wilson - Actor

Robyn Archer - Actor and Singer, Musical Arranger, Devisor

Anthony Babicci - Designer

Peter Barclay - Director

Ross Brewer - Sound Designer

Brandon Burke - Actor

Patrick Cook - Cartoonist

John Gaden - Actor and Singer

Kenneth Horler - Director, Musical Arranger, Designer

Christine Koltai - Choreographer

David Mamet - Playwright

Michael Manuell - Lighting Designer

Michael Morley - Musical Arranger

Grahame Murray - Lighting Designer

Sharon Raschke - Pianist

Martin Sharp - Set Designer

Judy Shepherd-Pemell - Stage Manager

Murray Taylor - Lighting Operator

Stanley Walsh - Actor

Rosalind Ward - Costume Designer

Jerry Wesley - Violinist

Margie Wright - Stage Manager

Australia Council for the Arts

New South Wales Government

Adelaide Festival Centre Trust

Victorian Arts Council

Nimrod Street Theatre Company Ltd

Nimrod Theatre Company

Singapore Airlines Ltd

Williamson Gerard A'sia Pty Limited

Kodak (Australasia) Pty. Limited

Melbourne City Council

Melbourne Theatre Company


Rank Xerox (Australia) Pty Ltd

The University of Melbourne

The Victorian Ministry for the Arts

Winfield Promotions Company

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