Work How Does Your Garden Grow
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Country of Origin
  • Australia
Creator Contributors

Australia Council for the Arts

Canberra Repertory Society

Melbourne Theatre Company

New South Wales Ministry of Cultural Activities

Nimrod Stable Productions

Stable Productions Pty Ltd

The Hole in the Wall Theatre Company

The South Australian Theatre Company Inc.

The University of Melbourne

The Victorian Ministry for the Arts

Twelfth Night Theatre Company

Jim McNeil - Playwright

Tony Llewellyn-Jones - Actor

Malcolm Robertson - Director

Julie Bail - Actor

Elspeth Ballantyne - Actor

John Bell - Director

Graeme Blundell - Actor

Stephen Bourne-Emery - Lighting Operator

Peter Callan - Actor

Reg Cameron - Actor

Kim Carpenter - Designer

Alan Cassell - Actor

Brendan Cassidy - Actor

Syd Conabere - Actor

Jill Crawford - Sound Designer

Michael Crawford - Actor

Don Crosby - Actor

John Dommett - Actor

Michael Edgar - Actor

Robert Faggetter - Actor

Rodney Fisher - Director

Anna French - Costume Designer

Ralph Goldstein - Director

Shaun Gurton - Set Designer

Martin Harris - Actor

Robert Hewett - Actor

Darrell Hilton - Actor

Helen Hough - Actor

Simon Jenkins - Lighting Designer

Martin Jones - Actor

Paul Kaukas - Stage Manager

Ivan King - Actor

Jamieson Lewis - Lighting Designer

John Loy - Actor

Denis Mackay - Actor

Allen Mawer - Actor

Alan McBride - Stage Manager

Ross McGregor - Director

Aarne Neeme - Director

Robyn Nevin - Actor

Brian Nickless - Designer

Max Oldfield - Production Manager, Stage Manager

Barry Otto - Actor

Graham Pike - Actor

Richard Prins - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Hu Pryce - Actor

Robert Randall - Assistant Stage Manager

Peter Roehlen - Production Manager

Graeme Smith - Actor

John Stead - Lighting Designer

Andrew Stobart - Actor

Brian Sudding - Set Designer

Alan Tobin - Actor

Robert van Mackelenberg - Actor

Colin Vaskess - Actor

Rod Williams - Actor

Shane Withington - Actor

John Wood - Actor

Sandie Wright - Lighting Designer

Theatre 3, Acton, ACT

Nimrod Upstairs, Surry Hills, NSW

The Hole in the Wall Theatre, Leederville, WA

The Playhouse, Adelaide, SA

St Martins Theatre, South Yarra, VIC

Twelfth Night Theatre, Bowen Hills, QLD

Work Identifier 8797