Contributor Barry Kyle
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Other Names Barry Albert Kyle
Gender Male
Nationality English
Functions Director



Elizabeth Alexander - Actor

Francis Beaumont - Playwright

Susan Benfer - Deputy Stage Manager

Nick Bicat - Composer

Dawn Blay - Actor

Jeanette Bolding - Choreographer

Simon Chilvers - Actor

Robert Coleby - Actor

June Collis - Actor

Penny Cook - Publicist, Technician

Ian Cookesley - Production Manager

Peter Curtin - Actor

Gary Down - Actor

Lewis Fitz-Gerald - Actor

John Fletcher - Playwright

Grant Fraser - Production Manager, Lighting Designer

Robert Gavin - Musical Director

Mary Haire - Actor

Edward Hepple - Actor

Edwin Hodgeman - Actor

Peter Kingston - Director

Egil Kipste - Assistant Director

Jenny Laing-Peach - Publicist

Rosemarie Lenzo - Photographer

Jamieson Lewis - Lighting Designer

Susanna Lobez - Actor

Elaine Mangan - Graphic Designer, Actor

Rona McLeod - Actor

Jane Menelaus - Actor

Andrew Moon - Lighting Operator

Peter Morrell - Stage Manager

Johnny Quinn - Actor

Pamela Rabe - Actor

Jack Ritchie - Technician

Toby Simkin - Assistant Stage Manager

Steven Tandy - Actor

Margarita Tassone - Designer

Tony Tripp - Designer

Kirsten Von Bibra - Assistant Director

David Whitney - Actor

Australia Council for the Arts

Griffin Theatre Company

Melbourne Theatre Company

The University of Melbourne

The Victorian Ministry for the Arts

Identifier 431771