Contributor John Arden
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Gender Male
Nationality British
Functions Author, Playwright
Notes John Arden (born 1930) is an award-winning English playwright from Barnsley (which at the time was in the West Riding of Yorkshire). His works tend to expose social issues of personal concern. He is a member of the Royal Society of Literature. He was educated at Sedbergh School, King's College,


Lyndall Barbour - Actor

Don Crosby - Actor

Robert Faggetter - Actor

Ben Gabriel - Actor

John Gray - Actor

Stuart Haluszkiewicz - Actor

Martin Harris - Actor

Antony Howes - Director

Paul McGillick - Director

Kirrily Nolan - Actor

Peter O'Shaughnessy - Producer

Martin Redpath - Actor

Doreen Warburton - Assistant Director

Owen Weingott - Actor

Nicole Winkler - Actor

Mark Albiston - Actor

Georgie Alcock - Actor

Michael Allison - Actor

Ben Bakos - Assistant Director

Roger Barratt - Lighting Designer

Gary Baxter - Actor

John Bell - Actor

Bruce Beresford - Actor

Jill Black - Actor

Richard Brennan - Actor

Jeanette Brown - Actor

Miron Bubnij - Actor

Judy Burrell - Actor

Geoffrey Bussman - Actor

Marie Byron - Actor

Marcia Cadoret - Actor

Owen Campbell - Actor

Leigh Candy - Actor

Joseph Cassar - Actor

Bev Clarke - Actor

Philip Clifton-Bligh - Actor

Kevin Colebrook - Actor

Peter Collingwood - Actor

James Condon - Actor

John Cook - Actor

Robert Crouch - Actor

Margaretta D'Arcy - Playwright

  • The Royal Pardon, Independent Theatre (1939-1977), North Sydney, NSW, June 1972

Anthony Demovic - Actor

John Derum - Actor

Brian Donovan - Actor

Kent Driver - Actor

Brendan Dunne - Actor

Jean Duruz - Actor

John Edge - Actor

Robert Ellis - Actor

Roberta Frankland - Actor

John Gaden - Assistant Stage Manager

Keith Gallasch - Actor

David Griggs - Actor

John Grivas - Actor

Anne Haddy - Actor

Edward Hepple - Actor

John Heywood - Actor

Penny Hill - Assistant Stage Manager

Elizabeth Hodge - Costume Designer

May Hollinworth - Producer

Joan Holschier - Actor

Ken Horler - Designer, Assistant Producer

Stephen Horne - Actor

Trevor Horton - Actor

Oliver Hume - Actor

Jan Jackson - Actor

Alex Kalloniatis - Actor

Rosemary Kenny - Properties Master, Actor

James Langdon - Actor

Sandra Lawler - Actor

Richard Lawlor - Actor

Nigel Lovell - Actor

Mungo B MacCallum - Actor

Richard MacGillycuddy - Lighting Designer, Stage Manager

Judy MacGregor-Smith - Actor

Tim Mares - Director, Actor

Dick May - Actor

Kerry McGuire - Actor

Brendan McNamara - Actor

Norman McVicker - Director, Producer

Peter Meredith - Actor

John Miller - Actor

Geoffrey Milne - Director

Lorraine Milne - Composer

Jenny Morphett - Properties Master

Helen Morse - Actor

Aarne Neeme - Actor

Gerda Nicolson - Actor

Melinda O'Connor - Actor and Singer

Tom Oliver - Actor

Joe Orton - Playwright

Max Osbiston - Actor

John Paton - Actor

Kevin Peatfield - Actor

Don Philps - Actor

Harold Pinter - Playwright

Chris Pollnitz - Actor

Joan Pope - Director

Tom Psomotragos - Actor

Dayle Redden - Actor

Sandra Reid - Design Consultant

Trevor Rice - Actor

Barrie Roberts - Actor

Kevin Scott - Actor

Julie Simpson - Assistant Stage Manager

Carole Skinner - Actor

Paul Thom - Musical Director

Christy Walker - Actor

Gail Wallace - Actor

James Warner - Actor

Terence Warry - Actor

George Whaley - Actor

Christopher White - Actor

Doug Wiggins - Actor

Robyn Winterbottom - Actor

Claude Wischik - Actor

Stephen Wood - Actor

Margaret Woodley - Actor

Charles Zara - Actor

Graduate Dramatic Society GRADS

Midnite Youth Theatre Company

Q Theatre Company

Undergraduate Dramatic Society

Adelaide Fringe Festival

Independent Theatre For Children

  • The Royal Pardon, Independent Theatre (1939-1977), North Sydney, NSW, June 1972

Marrickville Municiple Council

Pocket Playhouse

Rusden State College

Salisbury College Theatre Company

Sydney University Theatre Council

The Adelaide University Literary Society

The Arts Council of Australia (New South Wales Division)

The Emerald Hill Theatre Company

The Independent Theatre

  • The Royal Pardon, Independent Theatre (1939-1977), North Sydney, NSW, June 1972

The Marrickville Cultural Society

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