Event Open 97
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Venue The Performance Space, Redfern, NSW
First Date 9 July 1997
Last Date 17 July 1997
Dates Estimated No
Status Professional
World Premiere No
Description Open was The Performance Space's annual season of performance, dance, theatre, music, sound and video by emerging and established artists through an open call.
Description Source Programme
Primary Genre Other
Secondary Genre Test Performance
Name Function Notes
Roger Holtom Cellist
Oonagh Sherrard Cellist
Nancy Mauro-Flude Choreographer
Genevieve-Anne Stynes Choreographer
Sam Carter Composer
Oonagh Sherrard Composer
Kay Armstrong Consultant
Shane Dundas Consultant
Annetta Luce Consultant
Frank Newman Consultant
Christopher Ryan Consultant
Julianne Pierce Curator
Rebecca Devine Dancer
Jennifer Jameson Dancer
Julian Oliver Devisor
Donna Abela Director
Katy Alexander Director
Katrina Beck Director
Cecile Busby Director
Jade Carden Director
Robert Dalton Director
Martin del Amo Director
David di Felice Director
Sue Felix Director
Brett Heath Director
Richard Perram Director
Mark Rogers Director
Michelle Seaton Director
Chrissy Ynfante Director
Chrissy Ynfante Director
Irene Kindness Drummer
Francesca Cathie Lighting Designer
Ari Maniatis Lighting Designer
Scott Barry Performer
Emma Beaumont Performer
Katrina Beck Performer
Jose Luis Betancor Performer
Margaret Breen Performer
Peter Broderick Performer
Jade Carden Performer
Kira Carden Performer
David Cavallo Performer
Martin Chaffey Performer
Kurt Chapman Performer
Kurt Chapman Performer
Louise Crawford Performer
Gerard Crewdson Performer
Robert Dalton Performer
Martin del Amo Performer
Monica Dempster Performer
Ana Maria Dimetrescu Performer
Amanda Duffy Performer
Catherine Duroux Performer
Danielle Evans Performer
Danielle Evans Performer
Drew Fairley Performer
Andrew Farley Performer
Sue Felix Performer
James Forbes Performer
Greg Gibson Performer
Sarah Gilbert Performer
Jasmine Guffond Performer
Chris Halliwell Performer
Susan Hardgrave Performer
Michelle Hardy Performer
Michelle Hardy Performer
Jody Harris Performer
Stephanie K. Harris Performer
Lou Harwood Performer
Virginia Hine Performer
Allan Holland Performer
Lucas Ihlein Performer
Laurie Jackson Performer
Tara Jakszewicz Performer
Marion Jardine Performer
Joy Kerrigan Performer
Karen Kinder Performer
Anna Kortschak Performer
Lydia Lake Performer
Aysha Leo Performer
Benedict Leslie Performer
David Lovell Performer
Lenny Ann Low Performer
Chelsea McGuffin Performer
Rebecca McIntosh Performer
Natasha McNamara Performer
Victor Meertens Performer
Suzie Miller Performer
Giselle Milon Performer
Damien Monk Performer
Chantel Munro Performer
Julian Murphy Performer
Samantha Murray Performer
Pete Nettell Performer
Luke Philips-Dean Performer
Ineke Rapp Performer
Shane Rochfort Performer
Virna Rodriguez Performer
Annette Rups-Eyland Performer
Lynne Santos Performer
Philip Slater Performer
Ken Smith Performer
Mic Smith Performer
Alicia Talbot Performer
Alicia Talbot Performer
Torben Tilly Performer
Malcolm Tomkins Performer
Stephanie Tucknott Performer
Greg White Performer
Mitchell Whitelaw Performer
Rochelle Whyte Performer
Jane Wilcox Performer
David Williams Performer
Chrissy Ynfante Performer
Damon Young Performer
Ezmerelda Zen Performer
Karen Toohey Producer
Annette Dale Production Manager
Donna Kane Singer
Mark Blackwell Sound Artist
Stuart Hunter Sound Artist
Robert Iolini Sound Artist
Steve Veal Sound Artist
Sophie Liouzou Sound Designer
Nicholas Wishart Sound Designer
Mark Mitchell Stage Manager
Chad Chatterton Technician
Mark Feltrin Technician
Trevor Hunt Technician
Robert Iolini Video Artist
Paul Raffety Video Artist
Alena Casey Violinist
Kylie Burgess Writer
Michelle Hardy Writer
Brett Heath Writer
Virginia Hine Writer
Susan Hoerlein Writer
Christopher Johnson Writer
Wednesday Kennedy Writer
Mic Smith Writer
George Stavrou Writer
Gavin Vance Writer
David Williams Writer
Further Information Note: full details of performances and individual cast and crew in Performance Space archives.
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Source Description
Performance Space Database
Event Identifier 141904