Contributor Kris Aspinall
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Gender Female
Functions Tour Manager

Tour Manager

Ian Cookesley - Production Manager

Helen Bradley - Stage Manager

Lois Ellis - Director

Patrick Garland - Adaptor

Michael Pearce - Designer

Pamela Rabe - Actor

Jamie Revill-Henson - Lighting Designer

Kerry Saxby - Sound Designer

Alexandra Tynan - Costume Designer

Virginia Woolf - Author, Playwright

Valerie Bader - Actor

Tom Considine - Actor

Tom Healey - Assistant Director

Max Lambert - Composer

Ray Lawler - Playwright

Sophie Lee - Actor

Jamieson Lewis - Lighting Designer

Robyn Nevin - Director

Tony Pavey-Smith - Stage Manager

Anthony Phelan - Actor

Genevieve Picot - Actor

Lois Ramsey - Actor

Tony Tripp - Designer

Lea Trowbridge - Assistant Stage Manager

Fred Whitlock - Actor

Melbourne Theatre Company

Arts Victoria

Australia Council for the Arts

The University of Melbourne

State Theatre Company of South Australia

Playing Australia

Belvoir Street Theatre

Canberra Theatre Trust

Identifier 409184