Contributor Doreen Williams
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Gender Female
Functions Voice Coach

Voice Coach

Edward Albee - Playwright

Graeme Brosnan - Sound Designer

Simon Burvill-Holmes - Actor

Timothy Clark - Stage Manager

B. J. Cole - Musician

Warren Coleman - Actor

Tyler Coppin - Actor

Michael Cummings - Musician

Alan Dun - Costume Maker

Alex Duncan - Set and/or Property Maker

Michael Elliott - Set and/or Property Maker

Neil Finlayson - Lighting Operator

Graham Harvey - Actor

Sussanne Humphries - Deputy Stage Manager

Therese Kirk - Actor

James Laurie - Actor

Jamieson Lewis - Lighting Designer

Amanda Lovejoy - Costume Maker

Robin Lovejoy - Director

Susan Lyons - Actor

Tony Mack - Actor

Scott McGregor - Actor

Angela Moore - Actor

Anne Marie Morgan - Lighting Operator

Concetta Palumberi - Set and/or Property Maker

Genevieve Picot - Actor

Philip Quast - Circus Style Performer

Lisbeth Saxton - Set and/or Property Maker

Martin Sharman - Actor

Christopher Smith - Designer

Anne Tenney - Actor

Michael Trigg - Sound Designer

Betty Williams - Voice Coach

Australia Council for the Arts


University of New South Wales

Identifier 404533