Contributor Tony Bonner
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Gender Male
Nationality Australian
Functions Actor



Eric Chappell - Playwright

Geoffrey Hughes - Actor

David Knijnenburg - Actor

Robert Taylor - Actor

Janet Andrewartha - Actor

Shaun Boland - Set Designer, Lighting Designer

Shane Bourne - Actor

Brian Cahill - Actor

Ian Callinan - Playwright

Suzanne Chaundy - Assistant Director

Sophie Clausen - Assistant Stage Manager

David Croft - Playwright

Alexandre Dumas pere - Writer

Marc Eckersley - Assistant Director

Peter Farago - Director

Alan Fletcher - Actor

Frank Gallacher - Actor

Giordano Gangl - Actor

Garry Ginivan - Choreographer

Steven Grives - Actor

Gerry Hale - Musician, Musical Arranger, Composer

Alton Harvey - Actor

Libby Higgin - Stage Manager

Michael Hurst - Actor

John Inman - Actor

Yvette Konig - Actor

John Larking - Actor

Susan Leith - Actor

Jamieson Lewis - Lighting Designer

Jeremy Lloyd - Playwright

Andrew Martin - Actor

Kiesten McCauley - Actor

Ian McDonald - Musical Arranger, Composer, Musician

Francis McMahen - Actor

Francis McMahon - Actor

Jillian Murray - Actor

Lynette Pelgrave - Stage Manager

Simon Phillips - Adaptor, Director

Richard Piper - Musical Arranger, Actor, Composer, Musician

Alyce Platt - Actor

David Ridgway - Assistant Stage Manager

Peter Roehlen - Production Manager

Richard Roxburgh - Actor

Kerry Saxby - Sound Designer

Joan Sydney - Actor

Tony Tripp - Designer

Peter Williams - Director

Gail Wiltshire - Producer

Jally Entertainment

Twelfth Night Theatre Company

Australia Council for the Arts

Melbourne Theatre Company

Regal Theatre Foundation

The University of Melbourne

The Victorian Ministry for the Arts

Victorian Arts Centre

Identifier 254824