Contributor Lynette Wallworth
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Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Functions Director, Playwright







Rosie Herberte - Performer

Hedge - Performer

Amanda Allan - Actor and Singer

Gay Bilson - Chef

Tony Bond - Chef

Jennifer Briscoe-Hough - Production Manager

Therese Cashew - Performer

Janis Claxton - Performer

Barbara Downs - Performer

Sarah Dunn - Performer

Bruce Dwyer - Performer

Peter Eckersall - Speaker

Mehgan Emanon - Performer

Edwina Entwhistle - Performer

Rose Ertler - Performer

Elin Maria Evangelista - Performer

Michael Ewans - Set Designer, Director

Samantha Fiddes - Actor and Singer

Lauren Figgett - Actor and Singer

Brian Fuata - Speaker

Jacqueline Gill - Stage Manager

Karen Gough - Performer

Anne Graham - Performer

Catherine Hassall - Performer

Neil Johnson - Percussionist

William Johnstone - Performer

Nelia Justo - Performer

Jade Kemety - Performer

Julie Kirby - Costume Designer

Tania Leiman - Performer

Morgan Lewis - Performer

Tania Lieman - Performer

Annabel Lines - Performer

Michelle Marzo - Performer

Fiona Munro - Performer

Maria Okunev - Actor and Singer

Jenya Osborne - Performer

Janine Peacock - Performer

Sandra Perrin - Performer

Deborah Pollard - Performer

Katrina Pring - Composer

James Reedy - Performer

Barbara Richardson - Performer

Mandy Smith - Performer

Elizabeth Smyth - Actor and Singer

Peter Snow - Consultant

Zsuzsanna Soboslay - Performer

Ivanka Sokol - Performer

Yuji Sone - Performer

Vicki Spence - Performer

Victoria Spence - Performer

Penny Thwaite - Performer

Rose Wallin - Actor and Singer

Shauna Winram - Performer

Angharad Wynne-Jones - Performer

Megan Wynne-Jones - Performer

William Yang - Speaker

Gemma Yared - Performer

John Zeder - Actor and Singer

The Performance Space

Addressing the Carpet

Adelaide Fringe Festival

Australia Council for the Arts

Cake Eater Productions

City of Sydney

Dance Camp

Ju Ju Dolls

NSW Ministry for the Arts

Post Arrivalists

RealTime Arts

Siren Theatre Company


University of Newcastle School of Drama, Fine Art and Music


Identifier 230756