Organisation State Opera Youth Company
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Address Adelaide SA
First Date 1981
Functions Presenting Company, Production Company
Notes Formed 1981. The company is composed of young people between the ages of 9 and 20.

The State Opera of South Australia

Adelaide Festival Centre

Come Out Youth Arts Festival

Music Branch of the Education Department of South Australia

Secondary Schools Orchestra

Centre for the Performing Arts

Department of Education and Children's Services

Education Department of South Australia

McDonald's (Australia) Pty Ltd

Music Board of the Australia Council

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

The Australian Stage Company

Opera Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Scott Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Festival Theatre, Adelaide, SA

The Playhouse, Adelaide, SA

The Space, Adelaide, SA

Dean Patterson - Conductor, Musical Director, Assistant Musical Director

Scott Rowe - Actor, Actor and Singer

Mark Cunningham - Actor, Actor and Singer

Brian Debnam - Director

Peter Jukes - Stage Manager, Assistant Director

Joanne Lees - Actor

Leana Legowski - Actor

Siobhan Ormandy - Actor

Tony Sampson - Actor and Singer

Darren Slann - Actor, Actor and Singer

Michael Spargo - Actor

Linda Aitken - Stage Manager

Richard Baker - Actor

Jill Bartsch - Orchestral Leader

Damien Beaumont - Actor and Singer

David Bedford - Composer

Christopher Bell - Director

Richard Bennett - Composer

Gisele Blanchard - Actor and Singer

Eleanor Blythman - Performer

Alison Both - Actor and Singer

Malick Bowens - Actor and Singer

Malcolm Bowes - Actor and Singer

Tom Brennen - Performer

Benjamin Britten - Composer

Joanne Brus - Assistant Stage Manager

Robyn Callan - Choreographer

Melissa Collier - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

James Coogan - Set Designer

Jim Coogan - Designer

Julia Cotton - Choreographer

Beverley Cross - Writer

Gregory Cunningham - Actor

Mark Davies - Actor and Singer

Mark Davis - Actor and Singer

Jessica Dean - Performer

Peter Deane - Assistant Conductor

Stephanie Doust - Performer

Jane Doyle - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Fiona Dyson - Actor and Singer

Jacki Eads - Performer

Tyronne Fischer - Actor

Brian Forte - Actor and Singer

Malcolm Fox - Composer

Bev Freeman - Make-up Artist

Michaeld Gaedcke - Actor

Stephen Gamba - Actor

Peter Gartner - Actor

Sandy Gay - Assistant Designer

William Schwenck Gilbert - Librettist

Daniel Goodburn - Performer

John Greene - Performer

George Frideric Handel - Composer

Kristen Hardy - Actor and Singer

Goeff Haslam - Actor and Singer

Matthew Henrick - Actor and Singer, Singer

Prue Hompas - Performer

Ted Hughes - Writer

Lindy Hume - Director

Anthony Hunt - Performer

Alexander Ingram - Musical Director

Amanda James - Actor and Singer

Kynan Johns - Actor and Singer

Cynthia Jones - Designer

Reece Keane - Performer

Denis Kirkham - Actor and Singer

Catherine Koerner - Actor and Singer

Dushyant Kumar - Actor

Patrick Lim - Performer

Fiona Linn - Performer

Sharon Lontis - Actor

Amanda Lyons - Actor and Singer

Graham Maclean - Designer

David McSkimming - Assistant Conductor

Wendy Mead - Director

Milos Miladinovic - Stage Manager

Thomas Millhouse - Performer

Lindsay Monteath - Assistant Stage Manager

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Composer

Emma O'Neill - Assistant Stage Manager

Michelle Ogden - Actor and Singer

Michael Peters - Actor

Shaun Peterson - Actor and Singer

Andrew Pfeiffer - Costume Designer

Samantha Podeu - Assistant Stage Manager

Cole Porter - Lyricist, Composer

Sue Rider - Librettist

Peter Riley - Lighting Designer

David Roberts - Lighting Designer

Kerry Rowbotham - Actor and Singer

Graeme Russell - Actor

Angelle Rustamzadeh - Actor and Singer

Robert Ryan - Actor

Robyn Ryan - Actor

Susan Scattergood - Actor and Singer

Nick Schlieper - Lighting Designer

Katrina Sedgwick - Actor

Kevin Soper - Lighting Operator

Kim Spargo - Actor and Singer

Brian Stacey - Conductor

Peter Staggs - Designer

Andrew Stobie - Actor and Singer

Arthur Seymour Sullivan - Composer

Sue Sumner - Actor

Megan Todd - Performer

Casey Van Sebille - Designer

Jim Vile - Librettist

Lynn Wakefield - Actor and Singer

Rona Wallace - Designer

Stephen Walter - Repetiteur

Jenny Ward - Stage Manager

Kurt Weill - Composer

Erik White-Stephens - Actor

Organisation Identifier 30610