Event The Memory Room v.2
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Venue Open-Air Theatre Toga, Toga, Japan
First Date 31 July 1990
Last Date 1 August 1990
Dates Estimated No
Status Professional
World Premiere No
Part of a Tour Yes
Description “…Entr’acte is the only guest company invited to perform outdoors with the Suzuki Company of Toga this year…” The Sydney Morning Herald.

“…Entr’acte is the only guest company invited to perform outdoors with the Suzuki Company of Toga this year…” The Sydney Morning Herald.
“”I was able to attend the performances of Tadashi Suzuki’s open-air portrayal of “dionysis”, “the Memory room” by the Australian entr’acte theatre Group as well as Daniel Stein’s “Time Piece”. Each of these pieces can be said to hold a promise of future renewal from the performing arts…..
Among all these, the work of the Entr’acte theatre…drew my attention….TMR centres around the theme of human memory. It covers the world of memory lying at the root of the human existence - both visually and aurally. (It was performed in the open-air theatre on July 31 and August 1, 1990)…..It is a feat in itself that the elements of movement, sound, script and images have been combined together so well to successfully represent the conceptual theme of memory”.
Description Source Article
Primary Genre Other
Secondary Genre Test Contemporary
Corporeal Theatre
Name Function Notes
Elisabeth Burke Administrator
Elisabeth Burke Assistant to the Director
Annemaree Dalziel Costume Designer
Annemaree Dalziel Costume Maker
Pierre Thibaudeau Designer
Pierre Thibaudeau Director
Bruce Keller Dramaturg
Mark Shelton Lighting Designer
Paul Spedding Lighting Operator
Eamon D'Arcy Original Concept
Gregory Hordacre Performer
Bruce Keller Performer
Deborah Leiser Performer
Wayne Deborah Leiser Performer
Katia Molino Performer
Pierre Thibaudeau Performer
Brett Cochrane Photographer
John Webber Photographer
Pascal Baxter Production Manager
Susan Reid Publicist
Sarah de Jong Sound Designer
Pascal Baxter Sound Operator/Engineer
Pauline Markwell Tour Manager
Ann Lockley Various
Tracey Ryan Various
Nadia Weiner Various
Text Nationality Australia
Production Nationality Australia
Further Information Re Grants: Funding for International Toga festival: PAB $14,580, DFAT (The Aust-Jap Foundation) $6,000; PAB Music Grant (Sarah de Jong) PAB Project Grant PAB/Lit board for dramaturgy (Bruce Keller).
Data Source
Source Description
Entr'acte Archives ETL26 Music masters and copies ETL23 Music reel-to-reel 14” ETL27 - lists from the Japanese tour of TMR 1990
Review “Theatre News” The Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday May 16, 1990. Plea for touring funding. Peter Cochrane, Arts Reporter, “Drama group off to Japan”, The Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday, July 12, 1990.
Review Japanese Review: “Toga Festival 1990”. (The author and publication are yet to be identified. ETL10 has the English translation and the list of translators the company could approach in Australia.)
Performance Space Database
Entr'acte Archives ETL16 Video SVH Pro, and Video Betacam. ETL17 Video VHS Mini ETL20 Video Umatic and VHS; USPS_159, 164-5, 184-5, 194, EPV02, EPV04-5, Videos. EPV07 Video VHS demo tape
Review Pamela Payne, “A Toga success”, Sydney Morning Herald. 1990.
Entr'acte Archives ETL10: folders of programs, publicity and reviews. ETL03-05 Slides (ETL03 has the in-performance stage slides). ETL09 Photos EP16 Photos, proof sheets.
CV EB&PT long CV-unedited 1979-1991, p.5, Entr’acte Archives
Event Identifier 143197