Event Possessed/Dispossessed v.2/Corporeal Mime Theatre Workshops
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Venue Bengkel Teater Rendra, Depok, Jakarta, Indonesia
Umbrella Event Entr’acte 3rd Indonesian DFAT Tour 1992
First Date 2 November 1992
Last Date 3 November 1992
Dates Estimated No
Status Professional
World Premiere No
Part of a Tour Yes
Description “Entr’acte theatre are (sic) one of the most fascinating dramatic groups at work in Australia. From the time of their conception, they have developed an impressive reputation both locally and overseas as masters of corporeal theatre…..Entr’acte Theatre has long been associated with daring explorations on stage. While they are primarily Decroux based, the willingness to take intuitive leaps in developing movement and performance has pushed them beyond the teachings of the late 70s. A number of cultural exchanges with Indonesia has (sic) also influenced the Entr’acte theatre significantly, so that they now incorporate mask, costumes and most importantly new forms of movement into their performance…..(P/D) is a powerful piece, dynamic and contradictory, at one moment still, in the next fiery and chaotic. It contends with all the emotions in a manner that is potently instinctual, shared partly with the mind, but felt wholly in the belly….P/D is a paradox amalgamated, a meeting of the opposite strands of humanity within us all, striving for balance within extremes”. ICON.
2-3/11 Bengkel Theatre Rendra: artists observed our training. Pascal Baxter gave on the job technical tuition. Bengkel trained our techs in making kerosene lamps.
Description Source Other
Primary Genre Other
Secondary Genre Test Avant-garde
Corporeal Theatre
Name Function Notes
Mary Ellen Flannery Costume Designer
Pierre Thibaudeau Designer
Elisabeth Burke Director
Sarah de Jong Dramaturg
Paul Baxter Lighting Designer
Simon Wise Lighting Designer
Evdokia Katahanas Performer
Bruce Keller Performer
Katia Molino Performer
Rachael Swain Performer
Binh Duy Ta Performer
Pierre Thibaudeau Performer
Corrie Ancone Photographer
Julieanne Campbell Publicist
Paul Charlier Sound Designer
David Bates Sound Operator/Engineer Recording Engineer
Pascal Baxter Technician
Arif Hidayat Technician
Arif Hidayat Tour Manager On-tour liaison
Text Nationality Australia
Production Nationality Australia
Further Information Additional costumes Mr and Mrs Molino. State Library of NSW - Xerox/Kurzweil Personal Reader.The Listening Room ABC Radio - soundtrack recording. P/D premiered at The Performance Space in 1991. ETL returned to TPS for a brief season prior to 1992 Indonesian tour. Original collaborators included Deborah Leiser, Gregory Hordacre, Rose Clemente and on-stage presence of Paul Charlier.
Data Source
Source Description
Review PTG, “Grup entr’ace (sic) theatre akan Pentas di STSI Solo”, Bernas, Solo, 29 October 1992.
Review “Teater Aust. à Orang-orang ‘Mati’ Sebelum Mati” (Australian theatre ‘Dead’ people not yet dead), Kompas, Jakarta, 9 November, 1992. Original plus translation.
Entr'acte Archives ETL26.1 and ETL26.2 DAT show tapes and rehearsal tapes EPV02. EPV07 - demo tapes ETL16 - includes VHS mini. Some VHS with mould. ETL20. USPS_163,_66, _183,
Entr'acte Archives ETL32: work notes,
Review WBA, “Entr’acte Sydney Akan Pentaskan Kreasinya Di Indonesia” (Wapta Pepita Aquilla?) ? November 1992
Review ”Break a Leg”- from Stay in touch in The Sydney Morning Herald, 21/10/92 - referenced cancellation of a show because of Pierre’s being stabbed and receiving 12 stitches.
Performance Space Database
Entr'acte Archives ETL10: folders of programs, publicity and reviews ETL07 and ETL09: Photos Corrie Anconé EP18: B&W Photos & proof sheets, and coloured photos,
Review Ning/KPA/K.561 “Pementasan Teater entr’acte Australia Di Indonesia, Merdeka, 5 November 1992.
Review “The Phenomena of Entr’acte’s Coffee dance” Halal, Pandang, 16 November 1992. This is the second of two articles on the same day.
Review Preview. “Entr’acte encore”, Sydney Star Observer, .16/10/92.Emphasises it is our 7th international tour.
Review Preview. “Possessed: Probing the frontiers of theatre”, ICON 13/10.1992 (from a reviewer who’s seen the première season.
Review “Possessed/dispossessed”, La Fiamma, 19/10/1992 - a shameless copy of Syke’s 1991 review.
Review Afrimen MN, “Musik Kehidupan, Gera Kematian” (Music of Life, Movement of Death), Haluan, Padang, 16 November 1992. Original plus translation.
Review Julieanne Campbell, “Possessed/dispossessed”, Capital Q, 23/10/1992. News item.
Review Maria Prerauer, The Bulletin, 27/10/1992. Refers to P/D using 8 different languages.
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