Event Refractions v.2
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Venue The Performance Space, Redfern, NSW
First Date 29 May 1984
Last Date 3 June 1984
Dates Estimated No
Status Professional
World Premiere No
Description Performance Space flyer description: 'Return of the brilliant Bauhaus-inspired production [...] a profusion of ideas in design and movement..."
“Outstandingly good…an evening of beautiful and stimulating entertainment…improved pace, flow and polish - with no loss of freshness. …although their art form is stylised and strictly structured, Refractions never looks like an exercise. The ideas spill over in all kinds of ways, from a barely perceptible shiver that represents a zephyr’s breath, to a giant-size cat’s cradle.” Jill Sykes 2/6/84.

"I had no idea what to expect from refractions before I entered the hall...It was unusual, colourful, light and airy for the most part, forcing one to concentrate on the kaleidoscope of bodies, colour and light, allowing one to forget any problems, if only transiently. I left satisfied...enlightened...and that surely is reward enough for an evening's entertainment". Warren Ashleigh, Sydney Gay News, June 1984, p.42.
Description Source Other
Primary Genre Other
Secondary Genre Ensemble
Performance Art
Corporeal Theatre
Name Function Notes
Christopher Allen Administrator
Peter Kerin Composer
Jean-Louis Buhagiar Costume Designer
Pierre Thibaudeau Designer
Elisabeth Burke Devisor
Christian Mattis Devisor
Pierre Thibaudeau Devisor
Josef Stejskal Graphic Designer
Gary Luke Lighting Designer
Lesley Buckley Performance Artist
Elisabeth Burke Performance Artist
Rosie Herberte Performance Artist
Pierre Thibaudeau Performance Artist
Christian Tremblay Performance Artist
Catherine De Lorenzo Photographer
Brian Findlay Photographer
Christian Mattis Photographer
Brian Findlay Properties Master / Mistress
Jennifer Rose Properties Master / Mistress
Geoff Cobham Technician
Trevor O'Conner Technician
Text Nationality Australia
Production Nationality Australia
Further Information Both Refractions (Based on ideas and theatre of the Bauhaus) & Worlds Apart (v.2 - same show new cast members) on tour - W.A. was performed in the theatre and in schools. Gave workshops in universities and schools whilst on tour in both Adelaide and Perth. Returned to Sydney sell-out season of 7 shows at TPS, Redfern. Then toured to Newcastle, Wollongong, Canberra and Melbourne. (See AETT repor
Data Source
Source Description
Entr'acte Archives ETL02: slides - research slides of Paul Klee's work, Nullabor, Wave Rock, Pinnacles, The Performance Space 1984. Indonesia 86&87.
Review Preview, Geraldine O’Brien, “The Mime that shows the character”, The Sydney Morning Herald, Monday, May 21, 1984, Entr'acte Archives.
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Review Warren Ashleigh, entire Dance page review of Refractions May , 1984, Sydney Gay News, June 1984, p.42. Entr'acte Archives.
Report AETT: Annual Report 1984, Chairman Andrew Brigger’s address, p. 4, Paragraph 2, “the corporeal mime company Entr'acte toured to Newcastle, Wollongong, Canberra and Melbourne, playing REFRACTIONS to capacity audiences and involving local groups in workshops”.
Review Brian Hoad, “Ballet is Losing its footing”, (Dance page), The Bulletin, June 12, 1984. “Artist Behind Bars”, POL, August 1984.pp.92-96. Article about Mike Mullins and TPS with photos and mentions of Entr’acte’s 'Refractions'. Entr'acte Archives
CV EB&PT long CV, p.3, Entr’acte Archives: "March and April, 1984 Performances of "Refractions" and "Worlds Apart" at the Octagon Theatre, Perth. Also performances of Worlds Apart in schools."
Entr'acte Archives ETL26.1: Audio performance cassettes including ABC interview with Jill Sykes re Refractions 14/9/83, masters for Gt.Brit. ETL21-22; USPS_18,_40, _44, _50-52; EPV01&05 Videos
Entr'acte Archives ETL10 - folder of programs, leaflets and reviews EP05: Photos and reviews across many iterations EP07: Photos, negs, proof sheets and & unmounted Slides ETL08: B&W photos and negs
Review Preview. “The Corporeal Body” in Event (unsure if this is full title of publication or a section within), July 1984, p.5. Promotes the AETT tour to four cities and mentions dates for Canberra and Melbourne. Entr’acte Archives.
Review Jill Sykes, “Refractions: it’s sculpture in motion”, The Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday, Sept 17, 1983. Mary Emery, “Human Sculpture That is a model of its kind”, The Australian, Monday, September 19, 1983. Entr'acte Archives
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