Contributor Andreas Furness
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Gender Male
Nationality Australian
Functions Movement Director

Movement Director

David Baird - Puppetry Consultant

Mary Benn - Assistant Stage Manager

Andrew Bovell - Adaptor

Jenny Castles - Actor

Boris Conley - Musician

Nadia Coreno - Actor

Greg Diamantis - Stage Manager

Merridy Eastman - Actor

Andrew Hansen - Puppeteer

Tassos Ioannides - Musical Director

Paul Judd - Set and/or Property Maker

Jacek Koman - Actor

Jamieson Lewis - Lighting Designer

Andrew McFarlane - Actor

Avril McQueen - Puppeteer

Phillip Millar - Puppet Designer

Heather Monk - Puppeteer

Mark Neal - Actor

Terence O'Connell - Director

Maria Roberts - Assistant Stage Manager

Peter Roehlen - Production Manager

Kerry Saxby - Sound Designer

Angus Strathie - Designer

Jonathon Swift - Writer

Lizz Talbot - Puppeteer

Hugh Wayland - Actor

Peter J Wilson - Puppetry Consultant, Puppeteer

Annie Wylie - Puppeteer

Australia Council for the Arts

Handspan Theatre

Melbourne Theatre Company

The University of Melbourne

The Victorian Ministry for the Arts

Identifier 233028