Event Ostraka v.3
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Venue New South Wales, NSW
First Date 1 June 1988
Last Date 30 June 1988
Dates Estimated No
Status Professional
World Premiere No
Part of a Tour Yes
Description Programme: "Agamemnon leads the Greek armies to the Trojan War. While he is away, his wife Clytemnestra takes a lover. On his return, Clytemnestra murders Agamemnon with an axe. She, in turn, is slain by her son Orestes. It is one of the greatest, simplest and boldest of human stories. Ostraka focuses on one character and one moment of that story. Clytemnestra remembers the act of murder, the passions that led to it, the guilt that followed. She obsessively re-enacts the murder in a terrifying dream sequence. But as the act is repeated and dissected, the question arises: who is Clytemnestra?
Description Source Programme
Primary Genre Other
Secondary Genre Test Visual Theatre
Physical Theatre
Corporeal Theatre
Name Function Notes
Barney Medlin Composer *additional music
Colin Offord Composer
Anna Kiener Costume Assistant
Melody Cooper Costume Designer
Pierre Thibaudeau Creator
Pierre Thibaudeau Director
John Baylis Dramaturg
Janine Peacock Lighting Designer
Janine Peacock Lighting Operator
Elisabeth Burke Performer
Michelle Fox Performer
Terry Hansen Performer
Bruce Keller Performer
Andrew Lindsay Performer
Jane Schneider Performer
Janice Slater Performer
Pierre Thibaudeau Performer
Brian Findlay Set and/or Property Maker
Neil Hawkes Set and/or Property Maker
Pierre Thibaudeau Set Designer
Marguerite Yourcenar Writer Text: Fire, Aidan Ellis
Further Information Entr'acte's Bicentennial tour of NSW (Touring & Access grant) in June is identified in the CV document (above). My memory includes the towns listed in the venue box. I've not yet retrieved the publicity documents. To be completed. Everywhere we went we gave workshops and performed Ostraka. (written by Elisabeth, 28/1/2019)
Data Source
Source Description
Entr'acte Archives EPV01: Video VHS ETL14: Video Umatics ETL16: Video Umatic (On Archeology & Ostraka) ETL20-21: Video VHS. Videos digitally archived at Sydney University:USPS_007, 035-36, _041, _048, _057
Entr'acte Archives ETL25-26: Music master Janice Slater. Audio Cassette Colin Offord.
Performance Space Database
CV EB&PT long CV-unedited 1979-1991, p.4, Entr’acte Archives
Entr'acte Archives ETL10: programs, publicity & reviews. Program notes. ETL08: Photos EP11: Photos & reviews. Regis Lansac (On Archeology & Ostraka)
Review Archaeologic, Entr’acte, Performance Space”, Inner-City Voice, November 1986. Andrew L. Urban, “Bloodless coup in a small city courtyard”, The Australian, Thursday, October 30, 1986
Review Preview Ostraka, applauding residency in Indonesia. Paul McGillick, “Entr’acte upstages politicians”, Financial Review, Friday, April 24, 1987.
Event Identifier 143126