Contributor Oliver Miller
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Gender Male
Functions Sound Operator/Engineer

Sound Operator/Engineer

Geordie Brookman - Director

Elena Carapetis - Playwright

Ruth Fallon - Fight Director

Nicola Filsell - Stage Manager

Eugenia Fragos - Actor

Olivia Freear - Costume Designer

Deborah Galanos - Actor

Elizabeth Hay - Actor

Andrew Howard - Sound Designer

Martin Howard - Head Electrician

Hilary Kleinig - Composer

Victoria Lamb - Set Designer

Cameron Lane - Lighting Operator

Renato Musolino - Actor

Anthony Nicola - Secondment

Gavin Norris - Lighting Designer

Laura Palombella - Assistant Stage Manager

Dina Panozzo - Actor

Dave Sanders - Head Mechanist

Philippos Ziakas - Actor

Australian Government Catalyst Arts and Culture Fund

Playwriting Australia

State Theatre Company of South Australia

Identifier 512282