Event Ostraka
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Venue The Performance Space, Redfern, NSW
First Date 29 October 1986
Opening Date 29 October 1986
Last Date 16 November 1986
Dates Estimated No
Status Professional cooperative
World Premiere Yes
Description Ostraka was one of two new works (on) the themes of memory, departure, return and repetition.
"It begins with a monologue by the accused Clytemnestra facing her judges. [...] The fragments are investigated as manifestations of hysteria, of schizophrenia and of paranoia...." (Flyer)
Thibaudeau’s Ostraka (is) a very powerful piece indeed…it could be the shock of seeing reduced to a near-crystalline geometry the mechanic of love turning into hate and wanting revenge. Or it may simply be the overwhelming sense of a numinous presence..But to find it ‘all there’ is an enormous treat and thoroughly satisfying…” Inner-City Voice.
Thibaudeau’s Ostraka was splendid theatre...(he) has always had a sure design sense and each of his productions starts with a strong image which, both aesthetically and functionally, anchors the whole production.…after a long association with Offord’s work, I have never seen his unique talents used so effectively. Thibaudeau indulges in his own form of intertextuality, weaving in many traditional theatrical (and other) images - commedia dell’arte, even references of Rodin’s Burghers of Calais.
"It was altogether a rich work - comic, erotic, savage - and performed with great discipline." Centrestage.
"Ostraka is a powerful new piece from Entr’acte Theatre.....Thibaudeau breaks new ground for Entr’acte without discarding the group’s stylish sophistication and polished expertise....there is a unity of purpose and direction which drives Ostraka to build up to a powerful impact”. SMH
Description Source Reviewer's Opinion
Primary Genre Other
Secondary Genre Physical Theatre
Movement-based Theatre
Corporeal Theatre
Related Events
  • is part of Mixed Bill On Archaeology , The Performance Space, Redfern, NSW, 29 October 1986
Name Function Notes
Colin Offord Composer
Anna Kiener Costume Assistant
Melody Cooper Costume Designer
Melody Cooper Costume Designer
Pierre Thibaudeau Designer
Pierre Thibaudeau Director
John Baylis Dramaturg
Matthew Serventy Lighting Designer
Matthew Serventy Lighting Designer
Andrea Aloise Performer
Elisabeth Burke Performer
Nigel Kellaway Performer
Colin Offord Performer
Pierre Thibaudeau Performer
Fiona Waite Performer
Brian Wilkinson Performer
Brian Findlay Production Manager
Janice Slater Voice Over Artist
Marguerite Yourcenar Writer
Text Nationality Australia
Production Nationality Australia
Further Information Performance Space Archives, Carriageworks, Redfern. Sourced from the programme for Ostraka, The Wharf Studio, 1987. Presented with On Archeology, in a programme called Archeologic in 1986. Records of Entr'acte Theatre, National Library of Australia, Entr'acte archives, Sydney.
Data Source
Source Description
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Event Identifier 28386