Event Refractions v.3
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Venue De Blauwe Zaal, Utrecht, Netherlands
Umbrella Event Entr’acte European Tour 1985
First Date 30 January 1985
Last Date 31 January 1985
Dates Estimated No
Status Professional
World Premiere No
Description (Fragments of reviews from google translation. Originals in Entr'acte archive)
Eva van Schaik, “Mimegroep in de ban van Bauhaus”, Trouw, Utrecht, `1/2/1985. "Also in Refractions, ... is a series of moving sculptural images, in which a mixture of minimal movements in shifting light images evokes a rich range of associations .......".

Jan Baart, “Theatrale verpakking van Bauhaus-ideëen” (Bauhuas ideas wrapped up theatrically), Haarlems Dagblad, 31/1/85. "... This variation in the program seems to be aimed at reaching a broad spectrum of audiences with Refractions. There, Entr'acte has also used music for a number of parts to arrive at the program that is as theatrical as possible.....This loose style of Entr'acte means that the performance also contributes a lot to a relaxed atmosphere, although a number of songs are somewhat old-fashioned for the regular theatre visitor in our regions. Australia simply has a somewhat more conventional theatre audience, and that also has its repercussions in the Refractions program" !!

Luuk Utrecht, “Entr’act danst in “Bauhaus-stijl”, Volkskrant, 29/1/1985. "...Among the most notable performances of the recently held London International Mime Festival was Refractions, performed by the young, Australian group Entr'acte from Sydney. .... In body mime, it is not so much about portraying a story or anecdote, but a storyless painting of moods, feelings or personality traits...."
Description Source Reviewer's Opinion
Primary Genre Other
Secondary Genre Test Ensemble
Performance Art
Corporeal Theatre
Name Function Notes
Christopher Allen Administrator
Peter Kerin Composer
Jean-Louis Buhagiar Costume Designer
Melody Cooper Costume Maker
Pierre Thibaudeau Designer
Elisabeth Burke Devisor
Christian Mattis Devisor
Pierre Thibaudeau Devisor
Elisabeth Burke Director
Derek Nicholson Lighting Designer
Scott Blick Performance Artist
Todd Swenson Performance Artist
Ami-Lee Taylor Performance Artist
Pierre Thibaudeau Performance Artist
Brian Wilkinson Performance Artist
Catherine De Lorenzo Photographer
Brian Findlay Photographer
Christian Mattis Photographer
Brian Findlay Properties Master / Mistress
Jennifer Rose Properties Master / Mistress
Matthew Serventy Technical Manager
Geoff Cobham Technician
Text Nationality Australia
Production Nationality Australia
Data Source
Source Description
Entr'acte Archives ETL02: slides - research slides of Paul Klee's work, Nullabor, Wave Rock, Pinnacles, The Performance Space 1984. Indonesia 86&87.
Entr'acte Archives ETL26.1: Audio performance cassettes including ABC interview with Jill Sykes re Refractions 14/9/83, masters for Gt.Brit. ETL21-22; USPS_18,_40, _44, _50-52; EPV01&05 Videos
Entr'acte Archives ETL10 - folder of programs, leaflets and reviews EP05: Photos and reviews across many iterations EP07: Photos, negs, proof sheets and & unmounted Slides ETL08: B&W photos and negs
Review Preview. Luuk Utrecht, “entr’act danst in “Bauhaus-stijl”, Volkskrant, 29/1/1985. Entr’acte Archives.
Review Jan Baart, “Theatrale verpakking van Bauhaus-ideëen” (Bauhuas ideas wrapped up theatrically), Haarlems Dagblad, 31/1/85. Entr’acte Archives.
Review Robert Steijn, “Entr’acte-mime: na ’t zuur ’t zoet”, Utrecht News, 31/1/1985, p. 19 Kunst/Show. Entr’acte Archives.
Review Preview. Elsevier (magazine), Amsterdam, 26/1/1985 “Theater: Bewegende Bauhaus-Kunst uit Australie.” (Moving Bauhaus Art from Australia). Entr’acte Archives.
Review Eva van Schaik, “Mimegroep in de ban van Bauhaus”, Trouw, Utrecht, `1/2/1985, p.4. Entr’acte Archives.
CV EB&PT long CV-unedited, Entr’acte Archives, EPT02. Jan 1985 Sell out repeat season of Refractions, The Performance Space, Sydney. Prior to European tour (3rd Sydney season).
Event Identifier 142869