Contributor Don Ashby
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Gender Male
Functions Lighting Designer

Assistant Stage Manager


Lighting Designer

Sound Operator/Engineer

Jane Refshauge - Actor, Performer

Christine Amor - Actor

Steve Aujard - Lighting Operator

Georgia Basey - Performer

Russell Beedles - Actor

Judy Best - Performer

Katy Bowman - Performer

Duniele Cerretti - Puppeteer, Actor

Leah Dobrejcer - Performer

Gary Down - Actor

Julie Drysdale - Performer

Lois Ellis - Actor

Jeni Foster - Administrator

Susie Fraser - Performer

Jan Friedl - Actor

Lynette Gallagher - Performer

Joanne Gibbs - Performer

Rinske Ginsberg - Performer

Graham Henderson - Actor, Writer, Director

Kate Kantor - Performer

Daniel Keene - Actor

Patricia Kennedy - Actor

Ray Lawler - Actor

Pauline Lee - Stage Manager

Jamieson Lewis - Lighting Designer

John McCormick - Performer

Anne McKinnon - Actor

Neil McLachlan - Musical Director

Arpad Mihaly - Actor

Andrew Montana - Costume Designer

Jillian Norwood - Actor, Puppeteer

Frederick Parslow - Actor

Soange Pinget - Performer

Karl Presser - Puppeteer, Actor

Leonard Radic - Playwright, Devisor

Therese Radic - Playwright, Devisor

Peter Roehlen - Production Manager

Hellen Sky - Performer

Yvette Smith - Performer

Linda Sparkes - Actor, Puppeteer

Sylvia Staehli - Performer

Naomi Stevenson - Stage Manager

Tony Tripp - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Paul Voermans - Actor, Puppeteer

Harmina Watt - Performer

Rika Wedlock - Performer

Rhonda Wilson - Actor

Patrice Woollacott - Performer

Australia Council for the Arts

B'Spell Performance Troupe

La Mama

Melbourne City Council

Melbourne Theatre Company

The University of Melbourne

The Victorian Ministry for the Arts

Identifier 425687