Contributor Gillian Owen
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Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Functions Director



Anthony Wheeler - Actor

Olive Bodill - Actor

Athol Fugard - Playwright

Walter van Nieuwkuyk - Lighting Designer

Colin Gibson - Stage Manager, Production Manager

Geoff Parry - Actor

Vent Thomas - Assistant Stage Manager, Set and/or Property Maker, Lighting Operator, Lighting Designer

Warren Field - Designer

Phillip Hinton - Actor

Stuart Maunder - Stage Manager

Aileen Britton - Actor

Noel Coward - Playwright, Producer

Bill Dowd - Designer

David Foster - Actor

Ric Hutton - Actor

Robert Levis - Producer

Vincent Ball - Actor

Michael Dengler - Lighting Designer

James Goldman - Playwright

Madeleine Graham - Sound Operator/Engineer

Doreen Harrop - Actor

Fran Margan - Actor

Graeme McKeachie - Set and/or Property Maker, Stage Manager

Garth Meade - Actor

  • Blood Knot, Downstairs Theatre, Chippendale, NSW, 14 October 1987

John Mortimer - Playwright

  • Mill Hill, Independent Theatre (1939-1977), North Sydney, NSW, 20 June 1972

Teresa Ransom - Set Designer, Set and/or Property Maker

James Saunders - Playwright

Myriam Van Sint Jan - Costume Co-ordinator

Susan Young - Costume Designer, Costume Co-ordinator

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

Adelaide Festival Centre Trust

Alexander Theatre

Tasmanian Theatre Company

The Independent Theatre

New South Wales Government

The Australian Council for the Arts

B. W. Productions

  • Blood Knot, Downstairs Theatre, Chippendale, NSW, 14 October 1987

Festival of Sydney

  • Statements, Downstairs Theatre, Chippendale, NSW, 17 January 1979

Player's Theatre Company

The Stage-Act Company

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