Contributor Bill Manhoff
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Gender Male
Nationality American
Functions Playwright


Jeanette Campbell - Designer

Hayes Gordon - Director

Patricia Jones - Actor

John Macleod - Actor

Bob Reid - Stage Manager

Robert Anderson - Electrician

Ross Anderson - Actor

Frank Baden-Powell - Director

Simone Bateman - Actor

Peter Batey - Director, Designer

Barry Creyton - Actor

Carol Davis - Actor

Betty Druitt - Costume Designer

Kate Fitzpatrick - Actor

Kristian Fredrikson - Set Designer

Anne Harvey - Actor

Alan Hopgood - Actor

Arthur Hynes - Stage Manager

Mark Lawrence - Composer

Bryn Lloyd - Assistant Stage Manager

Ken Mantle - Director

Roger Milner - Director

John Milsom - Sound Designer

Norman Paris - Musical Arranger

Geof Rumney - Assistant Stage Manager

Brian Russell - Stage Director

John Sumner - Director

Mark Thompson - Designer

John Turnbull - Actor

Peter Williams - Director

Sandie Wright - Stage Manager

Union Theatre Repertory Company

Ensemble Theatre Pty Ltd

Canberra Repertory Society

Seventy-One Theatre Club

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

The Hole in the Wall Theatre Company

The University of Melbourne

TN Theatre Company

Identifier 227664