Event The Kid
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Venue Stables Theatre, Darlinghurst, NSW
First Date 6 January 1988
Dates Estimated No
Status Professional
World Premiere No
Description "The story hinges around two homeless teenagers from the country who take their brain-damaged brother to the big smoke in order to claim accident compensation".
Donald an assistant in a bookshop is having a coffee in a cafe one evening when Snake and her brothers Aspro and Dean turn up. The siblings are on their way to Sydney to get compensation money for an accident that Aspro was in - the accident has left him slighty confused and somewhat incontinent. He is called Aspro because of the number he used to eat. Snake got her nickname after as a young girl she was forced by her mother to have sex with a man and she said that he had a "snake". Dean takes a shine to Donald and urges him to come with them but he declines. Next day when he is at work in the bookshop the siblings turn up and this time Dean does persuade Donald to come with them. They are going to stay with an aunt but when they arrive they find that she has died and that a stranger is living in her house. This woman has just been told by her boyfriend to move out and as revenge she gives them the television, record player and records. The foursome rent an appartment. Aspro and Snake go to try and get the money but are given the run around by the various departments. Donald is afraid of sex and he and Dean end up being frustrated with each other. One of the tennants at the block where they are living is Desiree she distibutes Christian literature for her abusive father. She agrees to put on a slide show about the end of the world for Dean. Due to a loophole Aspro cannot have any compensation - he is becoming steadily more ill. During the slide show Desiree's father arrives and takes her away. Aspro starts coughing up blood and is rushed to hospital.Donald decides to leave. Dean goes to Desiree's flat and finds her bound and beaten in a wardrobe. Dean attacks her father and possibly kills him. Snake comes back from hospital Aspro has died she packs and leaves. Dean takes out a bottle of pills he has stol
Description Source Reviewer's Opinion
Primary Genre Theatre - Spoken Word
Secondary Genre Test One Act Plays
Subjects Youth Issues
Name Function Notes
Gia Carides Actor
Beth Child Actor
David Field Actor Aspro
Benjamin Franklin Actor
Rebecca Frith Actor Desiree
Tom Lycos Actor
Tony Poli Actor
Eamon D'Arcy Designer
Peter Kingston Director
Mark Shelton Lighting Designer
Michael Gow Playwright
Paul Charlier Sound Designer
Text Nationality Australia
Production Nationality Australia
Data Source
Source Description
Australian Theatre Record January 1988
Magazine New Theatre: Australia No. 4 March - April 1988
Event Identifier 413