Event Ostraka v.4
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Venue Arnolfini, Bristol, England
First Date 22 September 1988
Last Date 24 September 1988
Dates Estimated No
Status Professional
World Premiere No
Part of a Tour Yes
Description One month tour of Britain Sep-Oct 1988.
"Dressed in rags, and with heads bathed in pale clay (hence both ghost-like and stoney, chimeras and solid) they move each other without touching, to the accompaniment of amorphous electronic music, and an infrequent, repetitive, narrative. At its best, the effect is magical”….Clytemnestra’s psyche (is) compelling, just as it’s the spectre of the unfractured urn which makes its fragments, its ostraka, more than rubble. ”. Venue, Bristol.
"... The kaleidoscope of images - .....a woman slowly swinging an axe, a manic chorus of six twitching and laughing performers moving cautiously across stage like some ship on an ocean of tears - all arrive from the deep well of Greek theatre, from the violent death of Agamemnon at the hands of Clytemnestra. The performers themselves are dressed in sackcloth greys and body pink - attended on stage by a sculptural chorus of tall trembling red antennae - and accompanied by flutes, bells, taped music and bloody reminiscences.
It is perhaps no accident that this company of visual musicians- whose instruments are their bodies- hails from Australia. It may be that this is one ideal location from which to preview European culture.” Arts Guardian (Manchester).
Description Source Reviewer's Opinion
Primary Genre Other
Secondary Genre Test Visual Theatre
Physical Theatre
Corporeal Theatre
Name Function Notes
Barney Medlin Composer *additional music
Colin Offord Composer
Anna Kiener Costume Assistant
Melody Cooper Costume Designer
Pierre Thibaudeau Creator
Pierre Thibaudeau Director
John Baylis Dramaturg
Bruce Keller Dramaturg *additional dramaturgy
Janine Peacock Lighting Designer
Janine Peacock Lighting Operator
Elisabeth Burke Performer
Michelle Fox Performer
Terry Hansen Performer
Bruce Keller Performer
Jane Schneider Performer
Janice Slater Performer
Pierre Thibaudeau Performer
Brian Findlay Set and/or Property Maker
Neil Hawkes Set and/or Property Maker
Pierre Thibaudeau Set Designer
Marguerite Yourcenar Writer Text: Fire, Aidan Ellis
Further Information Note: in this performance, Elisabeth had a lower back problem and could not perform. Jane Schneider took here place. the performance was filmed/videoed at Bristol and ins in an Arnolfini library.
Data Source
Source Description
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Entr'acte Archives ETL25-26: Music master Janice Slater. Audio Cassette Colin Offord.
Review City Limits, London. Preview. “Moving Story”, Salisbury
Review Angela Bennie “Signs from the stage: analysing the moment” The Australian, Wednesday, October 12, 1988. This is a whole page article and interview with Prof. Patrice Paris. In it he praises the research of Entr’acte.
Entr'acte Archives EPV01: Video VHS ETL14: Video Umatics ETL16: Video Umatic (On Archeology & Ostraka) ETL20-21: Video VHS. Videos digitally archived at Sydney University:USPS_007, 035-36, _041, _048, _057
Performance Space Database
Entr'acte Archives ETL10: programs, publicity & reviews. Program notes. ETL08: Photos EP11: Photos & reviews. Regis Lansac (On Archeology & Ostraka)
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