Contributor Tara Roulsten
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Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Functions Actor



Winston Appleyard - Puppeteer

Chloe Armstrong - Performer, Actor

Peter Crosbie - Composer

Ken Evans - Designer

Dana Gishen - Performer, Actor

Philip Lethlean - Lighting Designer

Rob Matson - Puppeteer

Avril McQueen - Performer, Puppeteer

Katie Miscevic - Performer, Actor

Pablo Picasso - Playwright

Lizz Talbot - Puppeteer

Ariette Taylor - Director, Adaptor

Jeuliette Hanafie - Actor, Performer

Ruth Hardman - Stage Manager

David Hope - Puppeteer

Bree-Anna Obst - Performer, Actor

Roderick Primrose - Puppeteer

Peter J Wilson - Puppeteer

Cliff Dolliver - Puppet Designer

Sally Garrett - Performer

Andrew Hansen - Puppeteer

Jane Harber - Performer

Michele Spooner - Puppet Designer

Handspan Theatre

Australia Council for the Arts

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

The Victorian Ministry for the Arts

Australia Today, Indonesia ’94

Thailand International Festival of Performing Arts

Victorian Arts Centre Trust

Identifier 250929