Contributor Helen Zerefos
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Gender Female
Functions Singer




Carol Berliner - Dancer

Peter Brandon - Performer

Tom Brown - Director, Devisor

Billy Burton - Conductor

Roger Bush - Performer

Victor Carell - Writer, Producer

James Condon - Actor

Judy Donovan - Dancer

Richard Gill - Conductor

David Gray - Performer

Max Harding - Sound Designer

Lionel Huntington - Musical Director

Wilbur Kentwell - Performer

Guillermo Keys-Arenas - Assistant Producer, Performer

Vadim Laptev - Performer

Tracey Lee - Actor

Arno Leinas - Lighting Designer

Ken Lennis - Stage Director

John Liddy - Organist

David H. McIlwraith - Set Designer, Director, Producer

Andrew McLennan - Dancer

Kevin Miles - Actor

Frank Millane - Stage Director

Tony Morgan - Actor

Chris O'Donnell - Performer

William Passmore - Designer

Toni Pearan - Performer

Ray Powell - Choreographer

David Proudman - Stage Director

Ronald Reid - Designer

Louise Roberts - Actor

Gregg Sims - Actor

Derek Smyth - Stage Manager

Walter Stiasny - Musical Director

Cheryle Stone - Performer

Jozef Walczak - Costume Designer

Kerry Woods - Choreographer

Jennifer Wright - Actor

Maureen Wright - Performer

Keith Yates - Technical Manager

Gino Zancanaro - Singer

Radio 2CH

2CH Good Music Orchestra

Ransley Gold Coast Youth Ballet

Sydney Opera House Trust

The Conservatorium Choirs

The Hollywood Goldwyn Girls

The Old Tote Theatre Company

The South Sydney Juniors Ballet

The Sun Newspaper

The Sydney Philharmonia Choir

The University of New South Wales Drama Foundation

Vidette Productions

Identifier 225206