Contributor Leonard Gershe
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Gender Male
Nationality American
Date of Birth 10 June 1922
Date of Death 9 March 2002
Functions Playwright



Miriam Karlin - Actor

Stewart Faichney - Actor

Wendy Hughes - Actor

Sean Scully - Actor

John Tasker - Director

Frederick Gibson - Executive Producer

Richard Seger - Set Designer, Designer

Nicky Barford - Sound Operator/Engineer

Sandra Bates - Actor

Charlotte Batty - Actor

Robert Bell - Actor

Jennifer Birdsall - Actor

Leila Blake - Actor

Kirstie Bolitho - Actor

Annika Boulanger - Mashberg - Actor

Damien Brockie - Actor

Emma Catchpole - Director

Gina Cohen - Actor

Greg Combes - Stage Manager, Assistant Director

Graham Corry - Director

Amanda Forbes - Lighting Operator

William Gabriel - Actor

Vivienne Garrett - Actor

Gregory Gesch - Actor

John Graham - Director

Mitch Hammet - Actor

Brian Hatfield - Actor

Lindy LeCornu - Actor

Judy Menz - Costume Designer

Harry M. Miller - Producer

Peter Morris - Director

Neil Moulang - Director

Lynne Murphy - Actor

Marko Mustac - Actor

Lloyd Nickson - Designer

Bruce Noble - Composer

John O'Brien - Actor

Normajeane Ohlsson - Set Designer

Michael Papps - Actor

Jan Petersen - Actor

James Phipps - Actor

Sandra Richardson - Director

Alex Rigozzi - Actor

Gail Sheridan - Actor

Alan Smith - Actor

Steven Turner - Actor

Anthony Vawser - Actor

Megan Williams - Actor

Julie Wilson - Actor

David Winston - Director

David Young - Actor

Harry M. Miller

Harry M. Miller Attractions Pty Ltd

Arts Theatre Cronulla

Edgley and Dawe Attractions Pty Ltd

Ensemble Theatre Pty Ltd

Halifax Theatre Company

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

New South Wales Government

St. Jude's Players

Studio Sydney

The Arts Council of Australia (New South Wales Division)

The Guild Theatre Ltd.

The Royal Blind Society of New South Wales

Twelfth Night Theatre Company

University of Tasmania Drama Society PLOT

Identifier 240049