Organisation Stork Theatre
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Address 51 Grey Street
St. Kilda VIC
Functions Presenting Company, Production Company
Notes Earlier productions by this company can be found under the Stork Hotel record (Organisation Identifier 11888).

Alliance Francaise, St Kilda, VIC

Judith Armstrong - Playwright, Adaptor

Greg Carroll - Director

Colin Duckworth - Adaptor, Translator

Chloe Armstrong - Actor

Andre Bastian - Director

Emmaline Carroll - Actor

Suzanne Chaundy - Director

Peter Corrigan - Designer

Philip Hayden - Actor

Stelios Karagiannis - Lighting Designer

Kate Kendall - Director

Annie Last - Actor

Helen Madden - Producer

Paul Madden - Producer

Nick Merrylees - Lighting Designer

Jane Montgomery Griffiths - Actor, Writer

Adrian Mulraney - Actor

Peter Mumford - Designer

Leo Tolstoy - Author

Glenn van Oosterom - Actor

Organisation Identifier 33922