Organisation Power Foundation
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Other Names
Sometimes called the Power Institute
Address Sydney University
Sydney NSW
Functions Sponsor
Notes Power Foundation more commonly known for support for visual arts. However became involved in supporting hybrid art experimental art forms and associated scholarship. Has its own library, a history of publications and collection of artworks and archives.

The Performance Space

The Performance Space, Redfern, NSW

Melissa - Performer

Les Bean - Performer

Kathy Bluff - Performance Artist

Eleanor Brickhill - Dancer

Penny Briggins - Performer

Sarah Brignall - Performance Artist

Barbara Campbell - Curator, Performance Artist

Julie Chenery - Performer, Dancer

Rosalba Clemente - Performer

Joanne Collings - Performer

Sally Couacaud - Various

Nicole Ellis - Publicist

Adrienne Gaha - Performance Artist, Administrator

Dianne Henry - Production Manager

Sally Hillier - Performance Artist

Jo Holder - Administrator

Tammi Kim Smith - Poet

Derek Kreckler - Performer

Vineta Lagzdina - Composer

Rosemary Laing - Speaker, Administrator

Jacqueline Lawson - Performer

Eloise Lindsay - Speaker

Michelle Lindsay - Performer

Bev Lloyd - Performance Artist

Betty Lucas - Actor

Jade McCutcheon - Performer

Fiona McIntosh - Production Manager

Sarah Miller - Performer, Speaker

Catriona Moore - Administrator

Sue Muse - Performer

Felicity Neale - Performer

Garnet O'Neill - Performer

Terezka Ornzik - Dancer

Rosalind Patterson - Performance Artist

Ted Riggs - Visual Artist

Gig Ryan - Performance Artist

Trisha Ryan - Performer

Peta Sanderson - Visual Artist

Louise Smith - Speaker

Beth Spencer - Performer

Stephanie St Clair - Performance Artist

Annette Tesoriero - Performer

Harold Thornton - Performer

Polly Watkins - Publicist

Rebekah Whalen - Performer

Organisation Identifier 32918