Organisation Queen Bitchery
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Address SA Australia
Functions Presenting Company, Production Company
Notes Director of this company is Alyson Brown.

Adelaide Festival Centre Trust

Adelaide Fringe Festival

  • Who's Fanny, Synagogue Place, Adelaide, SA, 27 February 1996

Budgie Lung

Come Out Youth Arts Festival

Digital Monkey

Fish Kiss

Hideous Roads

Safe Chamber Production

The Border Project

Zip Antics

1st Site Club, Adelaide, SA

Bakehouse Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Nexus Cabaret, Adelaide, SA

Synagogue Place, Adelaide, SA

The Space, Adelaide, SA

Jason Sweeney - Composer, Actor

Alyson Brown - Director

Finegan Kruckemeyer - Playwright

  • Smackbeth, Bakehouse Theatre, Adelaide, SA, October 2005
  • Gorge 2003, The Space, Adelaide, SA, 8 May 2003

Irena Westbrook - Actor, Playwright

Jo Coventry - Performer

Clifford Darling - Writer

Luke Dean - Actor

Sam Haren - Director

Ksenja Logos - Actor

Andy Packer - Performer

Astrid Pill - Playwright

Fiona Sprott - Writer

Joshua Tyler - Playwright

Hannah Ward MacDougall - Actor

Zita Weelius - Writer

Nikki Wieland - Actor

James Winter - Actor

Alirio Zavarce - Actor

Organisation Identifier 11766