Organisation William May C D P Pty. Ltd.
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Address [Unknown] Australia
Functions Investor, Presenting Company, Production Company

Malcolm C Cooke and Associates Pty Ltd

Victorian Arts Centre

Canberra Theatre, Canberra, ACT

Festival Theatre, Adelaide, SA

The State Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Hugh Colman - Designer, Costume Designer, Set Designer

Philip Judd - Lyricist

Philip Lethlean - Lighting Designer

C. S. Lewis - Author, Writer

Ian McDonald - Composer

Phillip Millar - Puppet Designer, Puppetry Consultant

Amanda Muggleton - Actor

Dennis Olsen - Actor

David Parker - Dramaturg, Adaptor

Nadia Tass - Director

Kim Walker - Choreographer

Marc Wilkinson - Sound Designer

Yolande Brown - Actor

Joseph Connell - Actor

Meaghan Davies - Actor

Nicola Fearn - Puppeteer, Actor

Joanne Foley - Puppeteer, Actor

Douglas Gresham - Design Consultant

Laura Hamilton - Resident Director

Jy Hildred - Dancer, Actor

Nyree Hildred - Dancer, Actor

Dylan Hodda - Dancer, Actor

Heath McIvor - Actor, Puppeteer

Amelia McQueen - Dancer, Actor

Paul O'Keeffe - Dancer, Actor

Bruce Paterson - Actor, Puppeteer

Sara Ritchie - Dancer, Actor

Brian Rooney - Actor

John Rutledge - Musical Director

Terry Ryan - Puppeteer, Actor

Pamela Shaw - Actor

Warrick Williams - Puppeteer, Actor

Leighton Young - Actor, Puppeteer

Bruce Cooke - Adaptor

Malcolm C. Cooke - Producer

Sue Farrelly - Assistant Producer

William May - Producer

Organisation Identifier 10468