Event Corporeal Mime Theatre Workshops_Possessed/Dispossessed v.2
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Venue Utama Taman Budaya, Padang, Indonesia
Umbrella Event Entr’acte 3rd Indonesian DFAT Tour 1992
First Date 11 November 1992
Last Date 11 November 1992
Dates Estimated No
Status Professional
World Premiere No
Part of a Tour Yes
Description Pascal Baxter gave on the job technical tuition.
"Orientation towards Asia and the wealth of dramatic performance and literature that is literally sitting on our doorstep, is starting to take root in the theatre scene in Australia...for Entracte Theatre, it is familiar ground. the movement-based style of entr'acte, based on corporeal-mime, works as the perfect vehicle for cultural exchange and the company are once again about to set sail....." Capital Q. Entr'acte's thir
Description Source Reviewer's Opinion
Primary Genre Other
Secondary Genre Corporeal Theatre
Subjects Intercultural
Name Function Notes
Pascal Baxter Teacher Technical tuition on site.
Elisabeth Burke Teacher
Bruce Keller Teacher
Pierre Thibaudeau Teacher
Arif Hidayat Translator
Evdokia Katahanas
Katia Molino
Rachael Swain
Binh Duy Ta
Text Nationality Australia
Production Nationality Indonesia
Further Information Workshops were always given around and during the performance set-up period for Possessed/Dispossessed v.2. The dates above are almost certain and include classes given and received by Entr'acte. (Elisabeth Burke, February 2019)
Data Source
Source Description
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Event Identifier 143739