Contributor Elsie Tilley
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Other Names Elsie Corrick
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1894
Date of Death 12 November 1974
Functions Musician, Violist, Orchestral Leader
Notes Elsie Tilley, nee Corrick, was the youngest child of Sarah and Albert Corrick, of the Corrick Family Entertainers. Originally from Christchurch, New Zealand, most of the Corrick family members settled in Launceston, Tasmania.

Orchestral Leader


Douglas Caddy - Actor, Producer

Tom Doe - Actor, Actor and Singer

Geoff Downie - Stage Manager, Lighting Operator

L. O. Round - Front of House, Publicist

Harold V. Sellers - Stage Manager, Lighting Operator, Properties Master

Edward Atherton - Actor

Bess Ball - Cellist

Elsa Ball - Violinist

Irma Ball - Violinist

Joyce Ball - Violist

P. Bauld - Harmonium

Hazel Blyth - Actor and Singer

Robert Campbell - Set Designer

B. W. Caten - Trombonist

G. Clarke - Clarinetist

Edna Clayton - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Amy Corrick - Flautist

M. Cumming - Violinist

Lorna Doe - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Madge Elliott - Actor and Singer

Hal Emmett - Actor

Fred Fry - Actor

Anne Godfrey-Smith - Actor

H. Gooding - Xylophone

V. Griffith - Violinist

Hedley Gunton - Front of House

Mollie Hardman - Cellist

E. H. Heron - Clarinetist

Cecil Honey - Actor

Glory Ikin - Actor and Singer

T. Jack - Violinist

Norma Kerrison - Actor and Singer

B. Kimber - Violinist

T. W. Kimber - Cellist

Bob Magan - Actor

H Martin - Technician

Marie Maumill - Actor and Singer

J. McCammon - Violinist

Cecily McKinley - Costume Designer

T. Miller - Oboist

Arch Moses - Actor

Joe Moses - Actor

Clarice Muller - Actor

K. Pickerell - Trombonist

N. Piper - Flautist

Dulcie Pretty - Actor

Gwen Rice - Actor

C. Roberts - Violinist

H. H. Robertson - Timpanist

K. Royal - Violinist

L. Russell - Properties Master

Bill Shaw - Actor

Doug Shea - Stage Manager, Lighting Operator

Bob Shepherd - Scenic Artist

E. R. Silva - Trombonist

Graham Smith - Actor

Pat Spotswood - Actor

J. Swinton - Violinist

Elsie Tucker - Actor and Singer

Ronald Tyson - Front of House, Publicist

J. Walsh - Trumpeter

Rudolph Werther - Musical Director, Conductor, Producer

Edward Wesley - Musical Director

J. Wood - Trumpeter

Monica Wood - Actor and Singer

Tasmanian Musical Festival Society

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