Organisation All Together Now Enterprises
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Address NSW Australia
Functions Presenting Company, Production Company
Notes An evolution of Cabaret Conspiracy.
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Canberra, Canberra, ACT

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Sydney Town Hall, Sydney, NSW

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Vaucluse House Gardens, Vaucluse, NSW

Willoughby Civic Centre, Chatswood, NSW

Boom Boom La Bern - Performer, Actor

Fingers De Main - Performer, Actor

Johnny Allen - Designer, Director

Fifi L'Amour - Actor, Performer

Alison Lockwood - Actor, Musical Director, Songwriter

Warwick Powell - Assistant Stage Manager

John O'Connell - Choreographer, Performer

Dean Winter - Stage Manager

Frankie Raymond - Performer

Jack Caroleon - Performer

Jenny Howard - Performer

Barbara Longley - Performer

James Britten - Actor

Dennis Scott - Performer

Marcus Wakeley - Designer

Bronwyn Algate - Actor

Jan Cornall - Playwright, Actor, Performer

Elizabeth Drake - Musical Director, Performer

Michael Young - Performer

Bertolt Brecht - Songwriter

Hanns Eisler - Songwriter

Patricia Jones - Songwriter, Performer

Jeannie Lewis - Performer

Margaret Roadknight - Performer

T Ruth - Performer

Kurt Weill - Songwriter

David Argue - Performer

Jean-Paul Bell - Performer

Jane Conway - Performer

Lance Curtis - Performer

Lee-Anne Donnoley - Stage Manager

Mark Furneaux - Performer

Mark Furveaux - Performer

John Hunter - Designer

Jules Hutchison - Musical Director, Actor

Geoff Kelso - Performer

Christine Koltai - Performer

Margaret Montez - Performer

Michael Murray - Stage Manager

Alan Pentland - Performer

Rod Quantock - Performer

Wendy Saddington - Performer

Doug Tremlett - Performer

Organisation Identifier 39540