Organisation South Australian Creative Workshops
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Address SA Australia
Functions Presenting Company, Production Company

Adelaide Fringe Festival

The Australian Drama Festival

The Stirling Players Incorporated (SA)

Theatre 62, Hilton, SA

South Australia, SA

Adelaide, Adelaide, SA

Balcony Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Flinders University, Bedford Park, SA

Little Theatre, Adelaide, SA

SA Creative Workshops Production Centre, Belair, SA

The Space, Adelaide, SA

Warehouse Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Martin Christmas - Director

David Flanagan - Playwright

  • The Patio, The Space, Adelaide, SA, 24 July 1976
  • The Patio, Little Theatre, Adelaide, SA, 13 May 1976
  • The Patio, Flinders University, Bedford Park, SA, 1974

Joe Orton - Playwright

John Noble - Director, Assistant Designer

William Shakespeare - Playwright

Kamal Acharie - Actor

David Dudman - Actor

Kim Durban - Director, Choreographer, Designer

David Freeman - Playwright

  • Creeps, Warehouse Theatre, Adelaide, SA, 9 March 1978

Judy Harvey - Actor

David Haynes - Director

Marion Hennessey - Actor

Richard Hopkins - Musician

David Hursthouse - Actor

Georg Kaiser - Playwright

Patricia Kelly - Actor

Federico Garcia Lorca - Playwright

Luciano Martucci - Actor

Slawomir Mrozek - Playwright

Claudia Niebel - Actor

Norman Pick - Assistant Stage Manager

Noel Purdon - Director

Michael J Ryan - Actor

David Schultz - Stage Manager

Greg Scudds - Actor

Paul Sonkilla - Director

Mary Thompson - Actor

Brett Wood - Actor

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