Event The Blue Bird
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Venue Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA
First Date 7 December 1948
Last Date 11 December 1948
Dates Estimated No
Status Amateur
World Premiere No
Description "The Blue Bird, inhabitant of the 'pays bleu', the fabulous country of our dreams, is an ancient symbol in the folklore of Lorraine, and stands for happiness. Maeterlink has penetrated beyond this folklore. A bird is considered a symbol of truth - the colour blue signifies the sky... it follows that the truth which the Blue Bird symbolises is the truth which is celestial..."
Description Source Programme
Primary Genre Music Theatre
Secondary Genre Movement-based Theatre
Name Function Notes
Genevieve Barker Actor
Nancy Basheer Actor
Vivien Bates Actor
Jenny Birks Actor
Gordon Brooks Actor
Elizabeth Cleghorn Actor
Odell Crowther Actor
Judith Cutten Actor
Peggy Fearn Actor
Doris Flett Actor
Tana Forman Actor
Don Gilham Actor
Beverley Graske Actor
Frank Gunnell Actor
Meredith Hall Actor
Rosemary Halliday Actor
Ian Harmstorf Actor
Iris Hart Actor
Briony Hodge Actor
Grant Kerr Actor
J Macdonald Actor
Barbara Mullins Actor
Vivienne Oldfield Actor
Patricia Pak Poy Actor
Marion Paltridge Actor
Beryl Roberts Actor
K Shepley Actor
Patricia Stainer Actor
Jean Stewart Actor
Len Sweeney Actor
Margaret Usher Actor
Ian Wannan Actor
Mary Horwood Actor and Singer
Alec Regan Administrator
J S Rendall Administrator
Leigh Wright Assistant Stage Manager
Johannes Brahms Composer
M Dalcroze Composer
Claude Debussy Composer
Gustav Holst Composer
Norman O'Neill Composer
Horace Perkins Composer
Franz Schubert Composer
Robert Schumann Composer
Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky Composer
Heather Gell Director
Enid Petrie Musical Arranger
Hooper Brewster-Jones Musical Director
Mary Pascoe Orchestral Leader
Helen Althorp Performer
Susan Anders Performer
Peggy Arnott Performer
Rhondda Arthur Performer
Mavis Barker Performer
Dorothy Best Performer
Anne Bleby Performer
Meredith Bowman Performer
Helen Brooks Performer
Lois Brown Performer
Robin Burnard Performer
Sally Burnard Performer
Dorothy Button Performer
Edna Calderwood Performer
Marlene Chaffer Performer
Anne Chapman Performer
Anne Cheek Performer
Penny Choate Performer
Edith Cormack Performer
Patricia Cosh Performer
Ruth Cotton Performer
Virginia Cottrell Performer
Elizabeth Coulthard Performer
Barbara Cowley Performer
Anne Creswell Performer
Caroline Cudmore Performer
Ann Cuming Performer
Rhonda Dowsett Performer
Christine Drabsch Performer
Margaret Dunn Performer
Murray Durdin Performer
Naomi Dyke Performer
Elizabeth Edis Performer
Adrienne Ellis Performer
Judy Ellison Performer
Lorraine Ellison Performer
Diana Evans Performer
Kathleen Fargher Performer
Jill Farmer Performer
Suzanne Fleming Performer
Elizabeth Fornachon Performer
Fay Forsaith Performer
Barbara Gordon Performer
Susan Gosse Performer
David Gray Performer
Phylils Gray Performer
Jennifer Green Performer
Sandra Haines Performer
Frances Hannaford Performer
Pamela Hansberry Performer
Susan Harrod Performer
Catherine Hester Performer
Barbara Hickox Performer
Patti Hodgson Performer
Jennifer Hogben Performer
Bonney Hooper Performer
Penny Humble Performer
Mary Humphry Performer
Fay Johns Performer
Anne Kearney Performer
Diane Kelton Performer
Pamela-Joy Kimber Performer
Patricia Laffer Performer
Bronya Leedham Performer
Iolee Leedham Performer
Patricia LeMessurier Performer
Coral Lewis Performer
Christine MacDonald Performer
Vurrn Matthews Performer
Heather McDonald Performer
Jan McDonough Performer
Anita McFarlane Performer
Noelene McFarlane Performer
Rosemary McIndoe Performer
Carolyn McIntyre Performer
Anne McKenzie Performer
Anne-Elizabeth McKenzie Performer
Barbara Mead Performer
Edna Mears Performer
Margaret Merry Performer
Helen Messent Performer
Barbara Minchin Performer
Susan Morphett Performer
Anna Morrison Performer
Lois Mugge Performer
Patricia Mullins Performer
Phyllis Nash Performer
Josephine Nolan Performer
Geraldine Nugent Performer
Josephine Paget Performer
Rosetta Parsons Performer
Florence Phillips Performer
Marion Phillips Performer
Penny Pile Performer
Margaret Pugsley Performer
H Sawley Performer
Anne-Marie Schofield Performer
Janet Secker Performer
Anne Sedgley Performer
Julie Shaw Performer
Jannette Sheidow Performer
Suzanne Shepley Performer
Jan Sincock Performer
Gillian Sitters Performer
Ann Smith Performer
Beverley Smith Performer
Merrilynn Smith Performer
Lorraine Stafford Performer
Kim Stalley Performer
Douglas Stewart Performer
Nancye Stewart Performer
Jane Taylor Performer
Mason Thomas Performer
Denise Trainer Performer
Billy Usher Performer
Geoffrey Usher Performer
Robin Usher Performer
Jill Walker Performer
Merle Walkington Performer
Robin Whalley Performer
Joyce White Performer
Juliet Whitington Performer
Janifred Wigley Performer
Mollie Wilkins Performer
Natalie Wilkins Performer
Caroline Williams Performer
Patricia Williams Performer
Sara Williams Performer
Romola Wollaston Performer
Avis White Pianist
Maurice Maeterlinck Playwright
Lesley Cox Producer
L Sidoli Properties Master
Keith Gregory Special Effects
Keith Klenke Stage Manager
Text Nationality Belgium
Production Nationality Australia
Further Information Huge local production involving hundreds of children and young women.
Data Source
Source Description
Programme Barr Smith Special Collections
Event Identifier 88956