Event Ubu
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Venue Hayman Theatre, Bentley, WA
First Date 13 September 1978
Last Date 23 September 1978
Dates Estimated No
Status Unknown
World Premiere No
Primary Genre Theatre - Spoken Word
Secondary Genre Black Comedy
Subjects Satire
Name Function Notes
Ivy Bazley Actor Stretcher Bearer / Convict
Craig Colley Actor Father Ubu
Neil Douglass Actor The Shade / Noble / Financier / Judge / Peasant / Free Man / Snow Bunny
Kaye Dwight Actor Beggar / Convict
Ruby Evans Actor Eleuthereia
Helen Godecke Actor Ladislas / A Shade / Peasant / Russian Army Counsel for the Prosecution / Amelia Cornholder
Perry Halicas Actor Heads / Pissweak
Cathy Jennings Actor Queen Rosamund
Frank Johnson Actor Captain Manure
Felicity Lyons Actor Stretcher Bearer / Guard
Linda Machin Actor Mother Ubu
Ross Manson Actor Giron / Judge / Soliman John Berkahn / King Wenceslas / A Shade / Noble / Financier / Judge / The Tsar / A Free Man
Rose Marcinkowski Actor Stretcher Bearer / Convict
Eric Meyer Actor Rensky / Michael Federovich / Clerk of the Court / Gaoler
Alan Murphy Actor Polish Army / Russian Army / Noble / Financier / Judge / Passale
Don Smith Actor Tails / Free Man
Leonie Smith Actor Stretcher Bearer / Guard
Sarah Smith Actor Boleslas / A Shade / A Peasant / Russian Army Counsel for the Defence / Mary Jane
Ronnie Sutton Actor Bugleass
Denene Wain Actor Judge / Financier / Noble / Peasant / Russian Army / Guard / Harem Girl
Frank Johnson Director
Tony Nicholls Director
Alfred Jarry Playwright
Production Nationality Australia
Data Source
Source Description
Programme Advertisement Dennis Wolanski Library collection at UNSW Library
Book Performing Arts Year Book of Australia 1978
Event Identifier 18908