Event The Man From Snowy River Arena Spectacular
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Venue Burswood Dome, Burswood, WA
First Date 13 September 2002
Last Date 14 September 2002
Dates Estimated No
Status Professional
World Premiere No
Part of a Tour Yes
Description A musical, a rock concert, a rodeo and an arena spectacular like no other.
Description Source Press Release
Primary Genre Music Theatre
Secondary Genre Spectacle
Subjects Australian National Identity
Name Function Notes
Troy Honeysett Acrobat
Steve Bisley Actor Banjo Paterson
John Brady Actor Saltbush Bill (also whipcracking and rope tricks)
Martin Crewes Actor Jim Ryan (The Man)
Steve Jefferys Actor The Breaker
Lee Kernaghan Actor Balladeer
Deborah Mitchelmore Actor John Brady's whips and ropes assistant
Georgie Parker Actor Kate Conroy
James Rutty Actor McGuinness McGee
Charles Bud Tingwell Actor John Conroy
Simon Westaway Actor Dan Mulligan, the leading hand
Rona Bowman Animal Wrangler Trick riding handler
Tony Jablonski Animal Wrangler Horse co-ordinator
Steve Jefferys Animal Wrangler Horse trainer
Kevin Kasper Animal Wrangler Brumby co-ordinator
Donna Morton Animal Wrangler Horse co-ordinator
Barry Thurlow Animal Wrangler Liberty handler assistant
Bruce Rowland Composer
Bruce Rowland Conductor
Janet Hine Costume Designer
David Atkins Creator
David Atkins Director
Ignatius Jones Director
Rudy Miranda Drummer
Martin Addy Equestrian Crack rider – "spinner"/station hand rider/station hand
Dene Barram Equestrian Rider
Grant Biffin Equestrian Crack rider – "whip"/station hand rider/station hand
Heath Biffin Equestrian Crack rider – "whip"/station hand rider/station hand
Wayne Biffin Equestrian Crack rider – "whip"
Don Bourke Equestrian Buckboard driver/coach transfer
Rona Bowman Equestrian Rider
Deborah Anne Brennan Equestrian Trick rider
John Bush Equestrian Crack rider – "hat"
Tim Conroy Equestrian Crack rider – "spinner"/stunt rider/station hand
Don Cross Equestrian Buckboard driver
Don Eyb Equestrian Horse quadrille master
Wayne Glennie Equestrian Crack rider – "hat"/station hand
Scott Goodall Equestrian Cobb & Co. coach driver
West Hartley Equestrian Rider
D.J. Hendren Equestrian Rider
P.J. Hendry Equestrian Rider
Kevin Kasper Equestrian Station hand/station hand rider/pick-up rider
Mark Kasper Equestrian Crack rider – "hat"/station hand rider/station hand/pick-up rider
Sandra Langsford Equestrian Crack rider – "spinner"
Don Ross Equestrian Cobb & Co. coach driver
Shannon Ryan Equestrian Rider/stable hand
Peter Schipp Equestrian Crack rider – "rope"/trick rider
Zelie Thompson Equestrian Trick rider
Rhett Thomson Equestrian Buck rider
Troy Thomson Equestrian Crack rider – "rope"/buck rider
Barry Thurlow Equestrian Rider
Troy Welsh Equestrian Crack rider – "rope"/buck rider
Kevin Jacobsen Executive Producer
James Gillard Guitarist
Lee Kernaghan Guitarist
Jake Lardot Guitarist
Lawrie Minson Guitarist
Brendan Radford Guitarist
Travis Sinclair Guitarist
Robyn McKelvie Keyboardist
Trudy Dalgleish Lighting Designer
Conrad Helfrich Musical Supervisor
Ross Dunstan Photographer
David Atkins Producer
Amber Jacobsen Producer
Les Shaw Producer
Eamon D'Arcy Set Designer
Lee Kernaghan Songwriter
Garth Porter Songwriter
Wyn Milsom Sound Designer
Mick Albeck Violinist Fiddle player
James Gillard Vocalist
Lee Kernaghan Vocalist
Lawrie Minson Vocalist
Brendan Radford Vocalist
Travis Sinclair Vocalist
David Atkins Writer
Jonathan Biggins Writer Extra dialogue
Ignatius Jones Writer
Phillip Scott Writer Extra dialogue
Text Nationality Australia
Production Nationality Australia
Data Source
Source Description
Event Identifier 133695