Contributor Harry Fletcher
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Gender Male
Functions Actor and Singer



Actor and Singer

Comic Singer


  • Variety , Royal Cremorne Theatre, Coolgardie, WA, 23 January 1897

Joe Cowan - Comedian, Comic Singer, Actor, Stage Manager, Minstrel

Mr Denis Carney - Comedian, Comic Singer, Impersonator

Miss Blanche Montague - Singer, Soprano

Albert Whelan - Comic Singer, Comedian, Impersonator

Mr Frank Cahill - Singer

Julia Cleveland - Singer, Contralto

Miss Florence Collings - Singer, Vocalist

Mr A. Vial - Comedian, Actor

James Wilkinson - Actor, Minstrel

Jeanne Battye - Actor, Actor and Singer

Richard Bradshaw - Actor and Singer, Actor

Grahame Clifford - Actor and Singer, Actor

Brian Crossley - Actor and Singer, Actor

Patricia Dorron - Actor and Singer, Actor

Alfred Ellis - Actor, Actor and Singer

Kevin Foote - Actor, Actor and Singer

Maurice Fox - Actor, Actor and Singer

John Frawley - Actor, Actor and Singer

Celia Ghiloni - Singer, Vocalist

William Schwenck Gilbert - Librettist

William Hansen - Musical Director

T. H. C. Hill - Singer, Vocalist

J Alan Kenyon - Set Designer

Brian Madge - Actor, Actor and Singer

Alf Martin - Comedian, Dancer

Jane Martin - Actor, Actor and Singer

Doreen Morrow - Actor, Actor and Singer

Cecil Newman - Scenic Artist

Terence O'Donoghue - Actor, Actor and Singer

Lettie Powell - Actor and Singer, Actor

Miss Isabel Reid - Singer, Contralto

Helen Roberts - Actor and Singer, Actor

Alice St John - Dancer, Singer, Vocalist

Arthur Seymour Sullivan - Composer

Geoffrey Syme - Actor, Actor and Singer

Eric Thornton - Actor and Singer, Actor

Richard Walker - Producer

Ella Banner - Actor and Singer

June Barton - Actor and Singer

Richard Benger - Actor and Singer

Graeme Bent - Actor

William Blackadder - Actor

Leslie Boyd - Actor

Muriel Brunskill - Actor and Singer

Jean Campbell - Actor

Janice Carlisle - Actor

Miss Cissy Cochrane - Dancer

Daphne Danneford - Actor and Singer

Gwen Davies - Recitation

Roslyn Dunbar - Actor and Singer

Vera Evans - Actor and Singer

Mr H. Fein - Impresario

Tony Fenech - Actor and Singer

Evelyn Gardiner - Actor

Gwen Gillard - Actor

William F. Grant - Reciter, Singer

Yvonne Haynes - Actor and Singer

Violet Holman-Hunt - Actor and Singer

Anne Holmes - Actor and Singer

Wendy Hunter - Actor

Clive Jay - Musical Director

William Jeffries - Actor and Singer

Amy Johns - Singer

June Johnstone - Actor and Singer

Hedley King - Reciter

Annie Kinnaird - Soprano

Eileen Marion - Actor

Keith Marion - Actor and Singer

Miss Dot Marley - Vocalist

  • Variety , Royal Cremorne Theatre, Coolgardie, WA, 23 January 1897

Charles Matthews - Actor and Singer

Mr K. McCormick - Singer

Corinne McHarry - Actor and Singer

Gloden Mercer - Actor

Harry Moran - Dancer

Regina Nagel - Contralto

William Neilson - Tenor

H. C. Nightingale - Stage Manager

Leo Packer - Musical Director

Denise Paige - Actor and Singer

Desmond Patterson - Actor and Singer

Brian Phillips - Actor

Harry Pleon - Playwright

Stan Prescott - Actor and Singer

Gordon Ross - Actor

Walter Schleicher - Actor

Professor Shaw - Animal and Bird Imitator

Marie Smith - Actor and Singer

Dawn Spry - Actor

Douglas Stuchberry - Actor and Singer

Hickey Taylor - Assistant Stage Manager

Merle Taylor - Actor and Singer

June Thacker - Actor and Singer

George Thom - Actor

Max Thomson - Actor and Singer

Miss Priscilla Verne - Quick-change Performer, Singer

Richard Watson - Actor and Singer

Bruce Williams - Actor and Singer

Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

R. D'Oyly Carte

The Leopold Family Acrobats

Frank St Hill and Moodie

Gwen Davies Company

Hansen's Concert Party

King Hedley Concert Company

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