Contributor Ian Robertson
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Gender Male
Functions Lighting Operator


Actor and Singer

Lighting Operator

Anne Aquilina - Actor

Tony Barker - Actor

Clarrie Battle - Chorus Master/Mistress

Rick Besoyan - Writer, Music and Lyrics

Andrew Bisset - Stage Manager

Beverley Blinman - Actor and Singer

Ken Bock - Actor and Singer

Audra Briggs - Actor

Jenepher Britton - Dancer

Robert Burgess - Actor and Singer

Stephanie Burridge - Artistic Director, Dancer, Choreographer

Maxine Cocking - Actor and Singer

Bruce Cummings - Dancer

Russell Cunningham - Dancer, Choreographer

John Dawson - Lighting Designer

Betty Day - Actor and Singer

Barbara Denham - Actor

Cheryl Eggins - Choreographer

Tony Falla - Actor

Graham Farquhar - Dancer

Kevin Fisher - Actor and Singer

Peter Fraser - Conductor

Rae Gemmell - Actor and Singer

Pat Glenister - Actor and Singer

Ernest Gunning - Actor

Megan Hammond - Assistant Stage Manager

Ronald Hamner - Adaptor

Rosemary Harris - Actor

Tina Harris - Dancer

Peter Heffernan - Dancer, Choreographer

Shirley Hillman - Actor and Singer

Ian Howard - Director

Rose Ianno - Musical Director

Lewis Jacob - Actor and Singer

Jimmy James - Dancer

Graham Jones - Choreographer

Owen Jones - Actor

Christine Kalto - Actor

Andrew Kay - Actor

Raymond Lane - Producer

Ian Lauchlan - Actor

Franz Lehar - Composer

Cathy Maguire - Dancer

Jenny Maguire - Dancer

Kerry Ann Maguire - Choreographer, Dancer

Cyril Martin - Actor and Singer

Edda Massimini - Actor

Jane McInnis - Actor

Robert McKell - Actor and Singer

Robert McKnight - Actor and Singer

Fiona McVilly - Sound Operator/Engineer

Frank Miller - Stage Director

Roger Miller - Lighting Operator

Ian Millikan - Actor and Singer

Thea Millikan - Actor and Singer

Will Mullholland - Actor

Anne Neill - Costume Designer

Philip Pain - Actor

Phil Park - Writer

Julia Passioura - Dancer

Max Pearce - Actor and Singer

Sandra Poole - Dancer

Gerd Rehwinkel - Actor

Sally Richards - Dancer

Neil Roach - Dancer, Sound Designer

Trevor Rodger - Actor and Singer

Amanda Ryan - Dancer

Norrie Sanders - Actor

Phyl Skinner - Actor and Singer

Mary Small - Actor and Singer

Charmain Starr - Actor and Singer

Bill Stephens - Stage Director

Patrya Symonds - Actor

Robert Taylor - Actor

Shirley Thomas - Actor

Lindsay Wark - Designer

Shani Wood - Actor

Dean Yates - Actor

Audrey Parsons Dancing School

Canberra Dance Ensemble

Phillip College

Tempo Theatre Inc

The South Australian National Opera Company Incorporated

Identifier 423160