Contributor Hori Thomas
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Gender Unknown
Functions Actor


Actor and Singer

Charles Zoli - Actor and Singer, Actor

Jean Allerding - Actor, Actor and Singer

Ron Anderson - Actor and Singer, Actor

Roy Baxter - Actor, Actor and Singer

F J Bonner - Actor, Actor and Singer

Edmund Butterworth - Actor and Singer, Actor

Nada Conrad - Actor and Singer, Actor

Lilian Crisp - Actor and Singer, Actor

Vera Dearsley - Actor, Actor and Singer

Les Donaghey - Actor, Actor and Singer

Eleanor Douglas - Actor, Actor and Singer

Ida Dunn - Actor, Actor and Singer

Jack Dunne - Actor, Actor and Singer

Minnie Everett - Choreographer

David Grahame - Actor and Singer, Actor

Robert Helpmann - Dancer

Connie Hobbs - Actor, Actor and Singer

Gustave Kerker - Composer

Leah Miller - Dancer

Fred G Moore - Actor, Actor and Singer

Hugh Morton - Librettist

Ernest Oram - Musical Director

John Pauley - Actor and Singer, Actor

Ellie Percival - Actor and Singer, Actor

Eileen Pollard - Actor, Actor and Singer

Amy Rochelle - Actor, Actor and Singer

Fred Smith - Actor, Actor and Singer

Phil Smith - Actor, Actor and Singer

Vera Spaull - Actor, Actor and Singer

Victor Tatnall - Producer

George Willoughby - Actor, Actor and Singer

Dion Nicol - Actor

Don Nicol - Actor and Singer, Actor

Ronald Atholwood - Actor

Wendy Atkin - Actor

J. C. Bancks - Writer

Frederick Blackman - Producer

Leslie Board - Set Designer

Fred Bonnor - Actor

Martin Broones - Composer

Gretel Bullmore - Costume Designer

Eric Bush - Actor

Romaine Callender - Actor

Arthur Clarke - Actor

Leslie Crane - Actor

Alan Dale - Actor

Agnes Doyle - Actor

Madge Elliott - Actor

Beatrice Esmond - Actor

Russell Fillmore - Actor

Pierre Fornari - Costume Designer

Leo Franklyn - Actor

Dave Graham - Assistant Stage Manager

Lois Green - Actor

Charlotte Greenwood - Actor

Guy Hastings - Actor

Enid Hollins - Actor

Philip Johnson - Playwright

Marie La Varre - Actor

Frank Laurence - Actor

Frank Leighton - Actor

Charles Martin - Actor

Andrew McQueen - Musical Director

Austin Milroy - Actor

George Moon - Actor

Ruby Morriss - Choreographer

James Palmer - Actor

Mona Potts - Actor

Fred Quintrell - Musical Director

Cyril Ritchard - Actor

Dick Shortland - Stage Manager

Stephen Staughton - Actor

Betty Tait - Actor

Jessie Tait - Costume Designer

Judy Thomas - Actor

Ken Tuckfield - Actor

Isobel Withers - Actor

Eve Wynne - Actor

Mona Zeppel - Actor

Charles Zwar - Composer, Lyricist

J. C. Williamson Limited (1910-1938)

Australian and New Zealand Theatres Limited

J. C. Williamson Theatres (1939-1943)

Identifier 241191