Contributor J. V. Peters
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Other Names Dr.
Gender Male
Functions Musical Director

Musical Director


Actor and Singer



Johann Sebastian Bach - Composer

Colin Ballantyne - Producer, Assistant Producer

Eric Crozier - Translator, Adaptor

Frank Hinder - Set Designer, Designer

Beryl Kimber - Musician, Violinist

Dean Patterson - Musician, Bass

Kathleen Aitken - Singer

Mary Alphonsus - Conductor

W. H. Auden - Composer

Judith Barrowcliffe - Actor

Thelma Baulderstone - Actor

Robert Beeby - Lighting Operator

John Bishop - Director

Georg Bohm - Composer

Johannes Brahms - Composer

Benjamin Britten - Composer

Philip Britten - Conductor

Ken Broadbent - Actor

Julie Brokensha - Actor and Singer

Jane Carter - Contralto

Louis-Nicolas Clerambault - Composer

Mel Clifford - Costume Designer

Prudence Coffey - Publicist

Harold Coggins - Singer

Patricia Conolly - Actor

Ruth Cracknell - Actor

Hedley Cullen - Photographer

Judith Cutten - Actor

Ellen Dales - Singer

Robert Dawe - Singer

Alfred Deller - Singer

Ronald Denson - Actor

Norman Dewhurst - Designer

Anne Dibden - Actor

Roger Dick - Singer

Lance Dossor - Musician

Edwin Duryea - Singer

Leslie Dutton - Actor and Singer

Thomas Edmonds - Tenor

T. S. Eliot - Playwright

Philip Fargher - Stage Manager

C├ęsar Franck - Composer

David Gallasch - Repetiteur

David Galliver - Conductor

Tom Georgeson - Actor

Henri Gheon - Playwright

Joan Gill - Actor and Singer

Shirley Godfrey - Actor and Singer

Enza Gorges - Stage Manager

James Govenlock - Organist

Meredith Graham - Actor

Ron Graham - Actor

Noah Greenberg - Adaptor

Ron Haddrick - Actor

Powell Harrison - Singer

William Harrison - Actor and Singer

Iris Hart - Actor

Tony Haslam - Singer

Ralph Hatcher - Singer

Mervyn Hatherley - Lighting Designer

Alexander Hay - Actor

Neville Hicks - Actor and Singer

Warren Hodge - Singer

Alison Holder - Repetiteur

Barbara Howard - Actor and Singer

Hugh Hunt - Director, Producer

Ray Keightley - Singer

Christopher Keyte - Baritone

Guy le Claire - Actor

Joan Lennie - Actor and Singer

Clemens Leske - Musician

Georgina Mackie - Actor

Robert McDarra - Actor

Meryl McDonald - Actor

Mary McMahon - Actor and Singer

Pat Merritt - Actor

Birute Mikuzis - Actor

Paul Morisset - Costume Designer

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Composer

Lyn Murray - Actor

Neil Murrie - Actor and Singer

Anthony Neck - Tenor

Vivienne Oldfield - Actor

Dorothy Oldham - Repetiteur

Kingsley Payne - Actor and Singer

Max Pearce - Singer

J V Peters - Conductor

Barry Pree - Actor

Eric Reiman - Actor

Des Rolfe - Actor

Dan Russell - Designer

Barbara Saunders - Actor

Shirley Sawtell - Repetiteur

Louisa Scorer - Costume Co-ordinator

Dinah Shearing - Actor

Lillian Siggs - Actor and Singer

John W Smith - Lighting Operator

Reginald Smith - Lighting Designer

Robert Speaight - Actor

Tom Steel - Designer

Kathleen Steele-Scott - Producer, Actor and Singer

David Swale - Musician

Jacqueline Talbot - Actor and Singer

Keith W Thomson - Producer

Philip Todd - Singer

Gordon Troup - Actor

Cathy Weber - Soprano

Samuel Sebastian Wesley - Composer

Desmond White - Stage Director

James Whitehead - Musician

John Worthley - Actor and Singer

Max Worthley - Tenor

The Elder Conservatorium of Music

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

The University of Adelaide Bach Choir

The University of Adelaide Theatre Guild

Adelaide University Chamber Orchestra

Adelaide University Choral Society

Intimate Opera Group

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

The Deller Consort of Singers

The University of Adelaide

University Music Society

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