Contributor Bob Carlton
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Gender Male
Nationality English
Functions Playwright





Music and Lyrics


Jonathon Maher - Musician, Actor, Singer

George Washingmachine - Actor, Musician, Singer

Gerry Anderson - Visual Artist

Kate Edgar - Musical Director

Christopher Essex - Costume Designer

Rodney Ford - Designer

D. J. Foster - Singer, Musician, Actor

Jacqui Hall - Singer, Musician, Actor

Tina Harris - Actor

Tony Harvey - Musician, Actor, Singer

Glen Hogstrom - Singer, Musician, Actor

Julie Mullins - Actor, Singer, Musician

Rory O'Donoghue - Actor, Musician

Patricia Saill - Choreographer

Bobby Aitken - Sound Designer

Carrie Barr - Actor

Paul Belsham - Musical Director

Diana Bliss - Producer

Jeremy Brown - Actor

David Cannell - Actor

Brian Cavanagh - Actor

Malcolm Christian - Musical Director, Actor

Patrick Condon - Assistant Producer

Suzan Cooper - Costume Designer

Rodney Dobson - Actor

Ron Dowd - Actor

John Fraser - Musical Director

Frances Gates - Actor

Toni Gould - Producer

Sharon Griffin - Actor

Clem Halpin - Director

Shelly Halpin - Director

Colleen Hewett - Singer, Musician, Actor

Will Huang - Actor

George Huitker - Director

Kevin Jacobsen - Producer

Jansson Janus Antmann - Set Designer

George Kapiniaris - Singer, Musician, Actor

Duncan Ley - Actor

Tom Lycos - Actor

Lex Marinos - Director

Marilyn McCormack - Properties Master

Sherriden McDonald - Choreographer

Brett Murphy - Associate Director

Chris Neal - Lighting Designer, Sound Designer

Gordon Nicholson - Actor

Katrina Nolan - Actor

Marie O'Donnell - Actor

Toni Pearen - Actor

Belinda Peoples - Choreographer

Stephen Pike - Director

John Rayment - Lighting Designer

Valma Saill - Choreographer

William Shakespeare - Playwright

Jaime Sheehan - Choreographer

Dave Smith - Actor

Garrick Smith - Musical Director

Diana Thomson - Stage Manager

Elliot Wilshier - Actor

Cath Wilson - Director

Jenny Wookey - Production Manager

Colin McLennan Productions

Kevin Jacobsen Productions

The MLC Theatre Royal Company

Ballina Players

Blacktown City Community Theatre

Coffs Harbour Musical Comedy Company Inc

Radford College

Supa Productions Inc

Sutherland Shire Light Opera Company Inc.

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