Venue Royal Cremorne Theatre
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Other Names Cremorne Theatre
Address Bayley Street
Coolgardie WA 6429
Notes Open air. Opened 10 Oct. 1896. Manager Mr Fein. Coolgardie Miner 12 Oct. 1896 describes: 'prettily decorated, with landscape scenery round the walls ... in the further corner, a small stage and proscenium;' a floor of red sand; lit with Chinese lanterns and 'silver and gilt balls' to reflect light
Latitude | Longitude -30.955093 | 121.169019

The Leopold Family Acrobats

The Lucifers

Frank St Hill and Moodie

Vivienne Shakespearian Company

New Vaudeville Company

St Patrick's Day Celebration Committee

The Banvards

The Horley Brothers

The Vaudrey Sisters

Japanese Martial Arts

Professor Fenton's Variety Company

Joe Cowan - Comedian, Comic Singer, Minstrel, Various, Actor, Dancer, Stage Manager, Playwright

Mr Denis Carney - Impersonator, Minstrel, Comedian, Comic Singer, Dancer, Actor

James Wilkinson - Actor, Minstrel, Comic Singer, Various

Miss Blanche Montague - Singer, Soprano

Celia Ghiloni - Singer, Vocalist

Amy Johns - Singer, Actor, Various

Alice St John - Dancer, Actor, Singer, Vocalist

Professor William Stewart - Ventriloquist, Actor

Miss Priscilla Verne - Quick-change Performer, Singer, Comic Singer

Albert Whelan - Comedian, Comic Singer

Harry Fletcher - Singer, Vocalist, Comic Singer

Julia Cleveland - Contralto, Singer

Miss Florence Collings - Singer, Vocalist

Miss Isabel Reid - Singer, Contralto

Mr A. Vial - Comic Singer, Comedian, Dancer, Actor

Miss Ivy Dale - Singer, Actor

T. H. C. Hill - Vocalist, Singer

William Lucifer - Strongman, Weight Lifter, Athlete, Acrobat

Professor Shaw - Animal and Bird Imitator

Henry James Byron - Playwright

Madame Lucifer - Dancer

Professor Seguy - Athlete

Frances Evelyn - Actor, Dancer

Harry Fitzmaurice - Actor, Musical Director, Singer

Andrew Halliday - Playwright

William Shakespeare - Playwright

Will Simpson - Singer, Clog Dancer

May Vivienne - Actor, Singer

Edward Banvard - Acrobat

Florrie Banvard - Acrobat

Master Bert Banvard - Acrobat

Master Syd Banvard - Acrobat

Master Walter Banvard - Acrobat

Master William Banvard - Acrobat

Con Berthold - Actor

Mr Frank Cahill - Singer

Tom Cannam - Actor

Mr H. Fein - Impresario

Mr J S Lean - Singer

Nellie Marshall - Singer

Emmie Smith - Singer

Virgie Vivienne - Actor

Mr J. F. Williams - Comedian

Minnie Anderson - Dancer

Mr Chas Basing - Scenic Artist

Wallace Brownlow - Singer

Mrs May Buckley - Company Manager

Bucking Bullock - Animal Performer

Edward Bulwer-Lytton - Playwright

T Cannam - Actor

Signor Clampetti - Bass Baritone

Miss Cissy Cochrane - Dancer

Dan Cusack - Comedian

Professor Fenton - Animal Wrangler

Maud Gill - Dancer

Mr W Francis Grant - Singer

William F. Grant - Reciter, Singer

Mrs N. Greenwood - Soprano

J Ivory - Clog Dancer

Miss Emily Lucifer - Contortionist, High-kicking Dancer

Miss Dot Marley - Vocalist

Mr K. McCormick - Singer

Harry Pleon - Playwright

Tom Saunders - Actor

Mr A. Sherwin - Accompanist

Clement Wakefield - Actor

W. B. Warner - Comedian

Venue Identifier 13824