Organisation National University Theatre Society
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Other Names
Address Canberra ACT
Functions Production Company

ANU Dramatic Society

The Street Theatre, Acton, ACT

ANU Arts Centre, Acton, ACT

The Street Theatre Studio, Acton, ACT

ANU Arts Centre Drama Lab, Acton, ACT

ANU Refectory, Canberra, ACT

C Block Theatre, Braddon, ACT

Currong Theatre, Braddon, ACT

Drama Laboratory, Acton, ACT

Tuggeranong Arts Centre, Tuggeranong, ACT

Naomi Milthorpe - Director, Actor

Jonathan Thomsen - Actor, Director

David Clapham - Actor

Adam Hadley - Playwright, Actor

Ruth Pickard - Actor

Stuart Roberts - Actor, Playwright

Melissa Savage - Actor, Director

William Shakespeare - Playwright

Tain Stangret - Actor

Tom Stoppard - Playwright

Fiona Atkin - Director

Van Badham - Playwright

Jorge Bagnini - Director

Max Barker - Playwright

Jordan Best - Actor

Robyn Boles - Director, Designer

Matt Borneman - Actor

Steph Brewster - Actor

Dick Carter - Lighting Designer

Louis Ferdinand Celine - Playwright

Owen Collins - Actor

Peter Cousins - Lighting Designer

David Finnigan - Playwright

James Fisher - Actor

Dario Fo - Playwright

Jack Hibberd - Playwright

Celia Ingle - Actor

Pauline Keogh - Director

James Langer - Actor

Clancy Lumb - Actor

Julia Markowski - Director

Steve Martin - Playwright

Jessica McKenzie - Director

Don Munro - Actor, Designer

Cass Nicholson - Actor

Louis Nowra - Playwright

Mark O'Connor - Playwright

Suzanne Orr - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Gustavo Ott - Playwright

Aaron Pakula - Actor

Melissa Pech - Actor

Erin Pugh - Actor

Jonquil Ritter - Actor

Meg Rodgers - Actor, Designer

Christine Rooks - Director

Marina Salas - Actor

Meghan Tait - Actor

Robert Taylor - Actor

Rachel Teding van Berkhout - Actor

Jon Thomsen - Director

Catherine Wicks - Actor

David Williamson - Playwright

John Willis - Actor

Dave Witheridge - Lighting Designer

Organisation Identifier 2005