Contributor Russell Thompson
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Gender Male
Functions Production Manager


Production Manager


Peter Gray - Actor

Steve Coupe - Actor

Robert Atkins - Puppeteer

Lewis Carroll - Author

Peter Charlton - Director, Lighting Designer, Playwright

Janice Cleland - Choreographer, Actor, Lighting Designer

Will Conyers - Puppeteer

Burt Cooper - Adaptor, Director, Puppeteer

Jennie Davis - Designer

Michele Fifer - Puppeteer

Bev Geldard - Actor

Alan Hardy - Puppeteer

Hamish Hughes - Puppeteer

Bill Just - Composer, Musical Director

Bethany Lee - Puppeteer

Roy McNeill - Puppeteer

Paddy Moynihan - Actor

John Murphy - Puppeteer

Steve Payne - Actor

Anne Phelan - Puppeteer

Jenny Sherlock - Puppeteer

Fred Wallace - Lighting Designer, Stage Manager

Rob Wardrop - Designer

Eddy Wells - Actor

The Arts Council of Australia (New South Wales Division)

The Book Book Theatre Company

Arena Theatre Company

Australia Council for the Arts

Next Wave Festival

Pilgrim Puppet Theatre

The Victorian Ministry for the Arts

Identifier 449139