Contributor Jack Havey
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Gender Male
Functions Actor and Singer


Actor and Singer


Max Caddy - Actor, Actor and Singer

Paul Abraham - Composer

Max Afford - Playwright

Beth Baker - Actor and Singer

Max Basford - Actor

Arthur Bateup - Actor

Claude Boberski - Actor and Singer

Charles Bradley - Choir Master/Mistress

Elizabeth Campbell - Actor

Alan Chapman - Producer

Muriel Craigie - Actor

Rex Dawe - Actor and Singer

David Dawson - Actor

Pablo de Sarasate - Composer

Betty Diamond - Actor

Leonard Dommett - Violinist

Winston Dugan - Patron

John Duncan - Actor and Singer

Paul Duvals - Make-up Artist

Emrich Foldes - Translator

Harry Graham - Writer

Edvard Grieg - Composer

Alfred Grunwald - Writer

Jack Ham - Actor

Iris Hart - Actor

Cedric Hele - Actor

Edna Heysen - Actor

Frank Johnston - Actor, Producer

Tom King - Pianist

Beryl Kook - Actor

Henry Krips - Conductor

William Kronke - Actor and Singer

Fritz Lohner-Beda - Writer

Llandaff Matthews - Actor

Dudley Mills - Actor and Singer

Keith Milner - Actor and Singer

Ronald Murphy - Actor and Singer

Modest Mussorgsky - Composer

Howard Pfitzner - Actor and Singer

Margaret Pirie - Actor and Singer

J S Rendall - Administrator

Yvonne Richardson - Actor and Singer

Camille Saint-Saens - Composer

Thelma Seaman - Actor

Mostyn Skinner - Actor

Dorothy Slane - Choreographer

June Sterne - Composer

Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky - Composer

Eugene Thomas - Stage Director

Thelma Thomas - Costume Designer

Cedric Trigg - Actor and Singer

Ludwig van Beethoven - Composer

Reginald Verran - Actor and Singer

Franz von Suppe - Composer

Alma Welch - Wigmaker

Desmond White - Actor and Singer

Adelaide Musical Comedy Company

Adelaide Repertory Theatre Incorporated

Australian Broadcasting Commission

J. C. Williamson Limited (1910-1938)

South Australian Symphony Orchestra

Identifier 414225