Contributor Lisa Oates
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Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Functions Actor


Actor and Singer

Geoffrey Atkins - Actor

Tony Connolly - Actor and Singer

Margaret de Wolff - Stage Manager

Geoffrey Glencross - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Peter Hardy - Actor

Graeme Herschell - Actor and Singer

Diane Jeffries - Actor

Andy King - Actor

Polly Low - Actor

Mandy McElhinney - Actor

Greg McNeill - Actor

Dean Morris - Lighting Designer

Phillipa O'Brien - Designer

Ophella Rabinich - Actor

Peter Roberts - Actor

Marcelle Schmitz - Actor

Steve Shaw - Actor

David Sparrow - Sound Designer

Elizabeth Spencer - Actor

Leith Taylor - Director

Ian Toyne - Actor and Singer

Robert van Mackelenberg - Actor

Patrick White - Playwright

Dirty Dick's Bawdy Banquets

State Theatre Company of Western Australia

The York Theatre Festival (Inc)

Identifier 234990